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Academic Events

Faculty of Arts’ “Xin Yuan” Literary society to carry out the study methodology exchange Meeting

On the evening of March 2, the Xin Yuan Literature Society of the Faculty of Literature carried out the "Reading Methodology" exchange at the school building 503 in Xianlin Campus. Xin Yuan Literature Society members participate in this event.

Before the start of the event, the president Miao Yifan to the current members of the activities of the purpose of this event, that is, "literature" has been marginalized and demonized today, hope that through the "how to read" to explore as much as possible to give you some help The

Activities began, first by the president Miao Yifan to tell you some of his own reading experience. Miao Yifan to the people here to ask: there are some books do not read? There are some recognized as a classic book, but it is difficult to read it? Miao Yifan to the students on the answer to these questions based on, and combined with Qu Yuan's "Lament", to give a detailed account of his reading experience. Miao Yifan students think that today's ancient literary works of teaching materials is a problem, it is the annotation of the ancient and it’s brutal, and not responsible.

Miao Yifan students after the speech is completed, Xin Yuan Literature Society members Sun Hao students then came to talk about the exchange. Sun Hao to introduce the "read" this reading method, and combined with specific poems to explain to you what is "read" and how "read". Through the analysis of each image of poetry, and consider the relationship between each object and the way of convergence between images, Sun Hao students to lead everyone carefully read each poem. It is worth mentioning that Zhu Zhen, the student sitting in the following, is also poetry lover, two of them have differences in some places of the poetry, and they had a friendly and harmonious academic exchange. The enthusiasm of their communication continued until the end of this exchange.

At the end of the event, everyone discussed the exchange of the problems encountered in the recent reading. We actively discuss, the scene is warm, active atmosphere. At the same time, we also discussed the activities and arrangements of Xin Yuan Literature Society in the new semester.

The event ended in a warm discussion. (Bao Yuheng Xu Zhangjing)