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Academic Events

Gao Tian, 16-level College of Literature, Nanshi University, won the top five of Jiangsu Radio's "ace rookie" in 2019.

On the evening of April 4, the 2009 Jiangsu Broadcasting Creative Star Anchor Competition - "Ace Rookie Music Entertainment DJ Recruitment Action" National Final "Ace Duel on Peak Night" came to a successful conclusion.Takada, a radio and hosting art major in Grade 2016 of the College of Literature of our university, stood out among more than 500 contestants after 48 days of sea elections, semi-finals and training camps, and achieved good results in the top five nationwide competitions.


"Summit Night Final" consists of three links - two creative show (20 into 10), 1 V1 impromptu battle (10 into 5), and personalized guest interviews (5 person qualifying battle). It seems a simple way of competition process, but watching the live broadcasting of the small partners are sighing, it is simply "immortal fights" everyone exerts all his strength, each player is eighteen kinds of martial arts.Proficient in everything.






In the first three days of the 4th contest, 20 athletes went through three days of semi-closed training camp at Jiangsu People's Radio Station and studied with professional teachers.Our teacher Huang Can, who majors in broadcasting and hosting Arts in the College of Literature of Nanshi University, serves as a mentor to impart broadcasting knowledge to all the players. Takada said that she was very honored and happy as the only finalist of Nanshi University.


Of course, the three-day training camp also enables the players to understand each other more "know each other and know each other well", in the competition to fruitful many like-minded friends is the true meaning of life!


From the May 27 school audition to the June 14 50-20 finals, then to the three-day training camp and finals, plus the school's examination week, Takada said that her June was full and exciting.


"Takada is a professional competitor"

In college, Takada's biggest hobby is "competition, competition, competition." Friends around him are lamenting, "Takada is either playing or preparing for the competition."

This "Ace Rookie Music Entertainment DJ" is not the first time Takada has participated in the Jiangsu Broadcasting Competition. In early November last year, in the final of the 2018 "Big Blue Whale Practitioners", the Jiangsu Broadcasting Creative Star anchor, he achieved the top ten results in the whole country. So for Takada, this "Ace Rookie" is "a breakthrough and challenge for himself".





"I prefer myself on the stage of drama"

As a student in the direction of presiding over drama, film, television, literature and broadcasting in the Literature Academy of Nanshi University, Takada also has his own understanding of drama. More people in the school know that she is because of her wonderful role in a play she plays for us.Wang Jiaoli in Red Rose and White Rose, Jia Yingchun in Red Mansion and Anna Karenina in Flower God Cafe.



"The performance of the drama has accumulated a lot of stage experience for me, and also made me more relaxed in the competition and in the face of the camera."


Because of the reasons of academic work, the future should not see Takada on the stage of drama, but we believe that there will be a bigger stage waiting for her in the future!