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Academic Events

Home visiting activities in winter vacation 2020

In order to further close the relationship between teachers and students and between home and school, understand the situation of students' winter vacation in depth, and actively build a bridge between home and school, according to the requirements of the office of science and engineering, the College of Arts carried out the home visit activities in 2020 winter vacation.



       On the eve of home visit, the college specially held a counselor working conference to study and deploy warm winter home visit.From the selection of home visiting students to the specific implementation of home visiting work, a detailed home visiting work plan has been formulated to make full preparation for the smooth implementation of warm winter home visiting.


       1On April 14, Zhijing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the College of Arts and culture, led the student work team to many students' homes, carried out home visiting activities, opened winter vacation condolences, introduced the situation of the college to students' parents, students' multiple paths to success, listened to the suggestions of parents and students for the college, teachers and students talked about the new year, talked about adaptation, development, planning, made clear the direction and harmonious friendship.