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Academic Events

Jiangsu college entrance examination of Chinese subject marking work successfully ended

On July 20, the national unified examination paper marking work of Jiangsu Province's 2020 college enrollment was successfully completed in the sound of poetry.From late June to July 8, experts entered the Tiangong building in Xinbei District of South Normal University for preparation, and then to the end of paper evaluation. This paper marking work lasted more than 20 days from preparation to completion. The assessment team, expert group, composition and language group reviewers worked tirelessly and conscientiously, and the work was carried out in an orderly manner.

As an important part of the college entrance examination, marking work has been concerned and helped by the provincial Party committee and government, the provincial education department, the school Party committee administration and the relevant functional departments of the school for many years.This year, Secretary Lou Qinjian, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, listened to the report on paper reading through video link; vice governor Ma Xin, director of the provincial education department Ge Daokai, President yuan Jingyu of the provincial education examination institute, and President Chen Guoxiang of Nanjing Normal University all visited the marking points of Chinese discipline in person.Candidates' representatives and some media also visited the marking point, and the two composition group leaders also received interviews with relevant media.He Yongkang, the consultant of subject marking, was still on-the-spot guidance in spite of his age and infirmity, and provided many valuable suggestions for the members of the expert group.

Under the guidance of the college entrance examination paper evaluation leading group, the scientific layout, planning in advance, careful organization, expert group members fully discussed and deliberated, and formulated scientific and reasonable "scoring rules".After full training, trial evaluation, positive evaluation and review, the paper marking task has been successfully completed and the last class post of Jiangsu Province college entrance examination independent proposition Chinese paper marking has been well established.According to President Gao Feng's speech on the paper review summary: "when teachers come and go, they come to Nanshi to review the college entrance examination compositions which are long if there is a word and short if there is nothing. You can hear the language of life from the fragrance of birds and flowers, experience the deep emotion from worry and love, and show the personality of harmony and difference from the harmony of five flavors."He used a sentence to link up the composition topics of Jiangsu college entrance examination in recent years, and also expressed our reluctant feelings for the end of the proposition of Jiangsu college entrance examination.

As time goes by, the waves still sound.From the 1980s to the present more than 40 years, the Chinese marking of college entrance examination has gone from the audio-visual education building of Suiyuan campus to the comprehensive building of Zijin campus, and then to the Tiangong building of Xianlin Campus; from the initial manual marking to the later computer marking; from the original hand-held fan to the present air-conditioned closed roomThe College of Arts of nannormal university has always been responsible for the college entrance examination of Chinese examination papers. The original intention remains unchanged. It is serious, rigorous, strict and strict to ensure quality first. It is fair, just, fair and fair, and has handed over a satisfactory answer to the society.

"Forge ahead, forge a brilliant chapter, carry on the past and open up a new journey."Next year, the college entrance examination of Jiangsu Province will be incorporated into the national examination paper. The school of Arts of Nanjing Normal University will still adhere to the consistent style of marking papers, and realize a smooth transition in the steady and steady work.(text: Shen Yuqi)