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Academic Events

Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group Jiang Xiaoqing Editor Came to Our Hospital to Hold Lectures.

At the invitation of the publishing profession of Nanjing Normal University on the afternoon of November 13,2020, Jiang Xiaoqing, director of the editorial and publishing leading group office of Phoenix Publishing & Media Group "Jiangsu Literature collation and Research Project ", presented an industry lecture entitled" Some problems in the compilation and publication of large local historical literature series —— taking "Jiangsu Library" as an example. The lecture was presided over by Mr. Wang Hongbo of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, and attended by 2 professional teachers and more than 70 students.

In this lecture, Jiang Xiaoqing first introduced several concepts in the publication of ancient books and the general situation of the publication of ancient books, and pointed out the difference between ancient books and ancient books. After that, Jiang Xiaoqing's editor-in-chief, taking Jiangsu Library as an example, made a detailed introduction to the compilation and publication of large local historical literature series. At the end of the lecture, Jiang Xiaoqing editor gave some countermeasures on the problems encountered in compiling and publishing large-scale local literature series, and put forward some thoughts.

At the end of the lecture, the publishing teachers and students asked questions about their understanding and confusion about the compilation and publication of historical literature series. Jiang Xiaoqing editor combined with his rich practical experience to answer clearly and concretely, and brought a "full weight" publishing lecture to the students.

In his summary, Mr. Wang Hongbo pointed out that this lecture, Mr. Jiang, shared with us the compilation of a large series of local historical documents. Teacher Jiang let us see the role and space that a publisher can play in the process of publishing, and also reflect the cultural feelings and responsibilities of a

publisher. Hope that students can be interested in the publication of historical documents, in the future have the opportunity to engage in the publication of historical documents.


Presentation by guest speaker

Jiang Xiaoqing, editor, former president and editor-in-chief of Phoenix Publishing & Media Group. The currentPhoenix Publishing & Media Group "Jiangsu context collation and Research Project" editorial and publishing leading group office director and presided over the "Jiangsu Library" editing and publishing. Engaged in the collation and publication of ancient books for 30 years, presided over the publication of "Quan Yuan Wen "," Book Fu Yuan Turtle" and other large-scale ancient books collation and publication projects more than 100.  

Selected "the fourth batch of national press and publication industry leader ", the national propaganda culture system" the cultural famous person and four batch talented person project ". Enjoy special subsidies from the government of the State Council. He also served as Deputy Director and Secretary General of the Committee for the Publishing of Ancient Books of the China Publishing Association, Vice President of the Jiangsu Provincial Society of Ancient Literature, Director of the Song Yunbin Foundation for the collation of Ancient Books, and expert in the evaluation of the National Publishing Fund.

 Published "Wenqi "," Some Thoughts on the Publishing of Ancient Books" and dozens of other articles, compiled "Qiuyan flying south-Yongyan poetry selected "," Song ci 100"," Wu Zhe visited ancient records ".