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Academic Events

Liu Zhen, Researcher from Chinese Academy of Arts, Came to Our School to Give an Academic Lecture

On November 11, 2020, Mr. Liu Zhen, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Arts and the director of Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall, was invited to the School of Literature of Nanjing Normal University for academic exchange and was stationed in Room 117 of the Central Building of Suiyuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University. He gave a lecture entitled "The text of folk drama and its Evaluation". The lecture was presided by Professor Sun Shulei, majoring in Drama and Opera of the School of Arts. The master students of Drama and Opera and other majors attended the lecture.

Liu Zhen believes that folk drama is the most normal performance and paradigm of Chinese drama, with independent aesthetic character, and plays an indispensable role in the study of drama history. First of all, Mr. Liu pointed out that, according to the statistics of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Opera under the Chinese Academy of Arts, there are about 300 kinds of operas in existence in China, among which only Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera are incomparable in status and influence, pointing out the situation and status of folk operas. Then, Mr. Liu takes Wang Guo-wei's History of Opera in Song and Yuan Dynasties as the entry point, enumerates the research achievements of Southern Opera by Zhao Jingshen, Qian Nanyang and other scholars, and proposes that folk opera is a seriously missing link in the academic development in the 20th century. Then, Mr. Liu put forward "folk playlet have independent aesthetic character" point of view, and to distinguish the concept of a playlet and adaptation, and pointed out that, in the role, repertoire, and performance characteristics, and put forward the playlet, big and small different types types and the relationship between the is and drama and playlet pointed out that there are some different types of this opera development state. Finally, Mr. Liu pointed out that the significance of the study of folk opera lies in that it enables us to look at opera from a complete and systematic perspective, thus looking at opera culture and even Chinese culture as a whole.

Researcher Liu Zhen's in-depth and detailed lecture aroused positive response from the teachers and students attending the meeting. The students raised their own confusion in research, and Mr. Liu gave patient answers. Professor Sun Shulei summarized and emphasized that Researcher Liu Zhen's attention to the text of folk drama provided a new perspective for our academic research, triggered our thinking on the development history of opera, provided a new way of thinking for the academic circle to reconstruct the history of opera, and at the same time expressed sincere gratitude to Mr. Liu for his arrival and his guidance to the students.(Written By Tian Ye)