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Academic Events

Nanjing Normal University Publishing Master Industry Tutor Appointment Ceremony and Discipline Construction Seminar was successfully held

On the afternoon of July 3, 2010, the appointment ceremony and discipline construction seminar of master of publishing industry of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held in the conference room of the South Building of the Academy of Literature, Suiyuan Campus.At this meeting, we invited Professor Zhang Zhiqiang, Director of the Department of Publishing Science, School of Information Management, Nanjing University, Vice-Director of the Graduate Education Steering Committee of the National Publishing Professional Degree, Song Jishu, Vice-President of Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing and Media Company, Wang Baoding, Vice-President of Jiangsu People's Publishing House, Jiang Xiaoqing, Director of Jiangsu Wenwen Publishing Office of Jiangsu PhoWang Xiurong, Chairman of Nanjing Publishing Media Group, Xiang Xiaoning, President of Nanjing University Press, Jin Xinrong, Editor-in-Chief Sun Yefeng, President of Guangling Publishing House, Peng Zhibin, President of Nanjing Normal University Press, President of Jiangsu Press and Publishing School, Pan Dachun, and other industry experts participated in this event. Vice-Director Huang Fengliang, Graduate School of Our University, Leader of the Academy of Literature and Key Teachers of Publishing SpecMeeting.The meeting was chaired by Professor Dang Yinping, Vice Dean of the School of Literature, Nanjing Normal University.


The meeting is divided into two stages.The first stage is led by the Graduate School of Nanjing Normal University, the National Publishing Graduate Education Steering Committee and the School of Literature of Nanjing Normal University.Professor Zhang Zhiqiang, the Education and Instruction Commission, has sorted out the time line from setting up to batch declaration of master of publishing, emphasized the importance of practical operation in the training of master of publishing again, and urged industry tutors to cooperate and guide.


Professor Gao Feng, Dean of the College of Literature, fully affirmed the "double tutorial system" training mode adopted by the specialty. He believed that it was not only conducive to the cultivation of students'academic literacy, but also to the improvement of their practical ability, and could provide excellent publishing talents for the society.Professor Cao Hongjun, who is in charge of the Master of Publishing Specialty of Nanjing Normal University, introduced the professional points to the guests from the aspects of the teaching history of the editing and publishing specialty, the functional division of the professional and professional tutors, the future work emphasis and the development direction.Professor Yu Qiong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Literature, read out the list of appointments for publishing industry mentors. Professor Gao Feng, president of the Academy of Literature, issued letters of appointment to 16 publishing experts attending the meeting.


In the second stage of the conference, a seminar on discipline construction of publishing specialty was conducted.The industry mentors have put forward some relevant and practical suggestions on the development prospects, personnel training and curriculum design of the specialty.

Mr. Jiang Xiaoqing, director of Jiangsu Culture Publishing Office of Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing House, believes that all the tutors should do their best to do their own work. They should cultivate students'practical ability to take up posts in these three years, and cultivate those who are dedicated to publishing, not just let students "gilded".

Mr. Chen Jianfa, General Manager of Nanjing Branch of Guangxi Normal University Press, used the experience of Guangxi Normal University Press for reference to discuss the construction of publishing specialty in our university.He stressed that in order to run this major well, teachers should not only improve their personal accomplishment and professional skills, but also create a good learning atmosphere for students, give them rich learning resources, and let children "stand tall" in order to "see far".

Mr. Xiang Xiaoning, chairman of Nanjing Publishing Media Group, hopes to enrich the relevant theoretical knowledge of publishing by using the solid academic background of Nanjing Normal University. At the same time, he also points out that students need to pay close attention to the development of financial media, have a vision, have a general idea and be familiar with the mode of commercial publishing.

Mr. Wang Xiurong, editor-in-chief of Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House, takes American universities as an example and gives us many professional suggestions.In order to run this major well, we need two-way education, not only form, but also let students explore in practice. We can not only learn theory but also practice. Only by doing more facts can we truly learn the essence of the publishing industry.In addition, we can learn from the experience of relevant schools, learn from the leading system of famous teachers, and make clear the rules and regulations. The school can use the publishing house as the practice base, and the publishing house can also formulate corresponding talent training plans to form a two-way training mode of "school community", which not only improves students'professional accomplishment, but also provides them with appropriate jobs to alleviate the employment pressure of graduates.


Sun Yefeng, editor-in-chief of Jiangsu Guangling Bookstore Publishing House, shared his understanding of Nan Normal University's publishing major based on his more than 30 years'publishing experience, and put forward his own views on the training of the professionals: "Students should have comprehensive abilities of topic selection, market analysis and publishing and printing, besides, strong oral and written expression abilities are also necessary.It must be available."

Mr. Jin Xinrong, President of Nanjing University Press, briefly introduced the employment situation of publishing major in Nanjing University. He emphasized that students'career development prospects are very good. After graduation, they can stand firm in the first-tier cities such as BeiShang Guangshen. He also placed high expectations on the future of publishing major in Nanshi University. He hoped to cultivate a high-end Publishing with both cultural feelings and academic concern.Edition talent.

Ms. Yu Jingxiang, deputy editor of Jiangsu Children's Publishing House, hopes to infiltrate some knowledge about the editorial business characteristics of publishing houses into students, link the ranks of professionals and writers with the teaching of students, share with students some phenomena and problems in publishing, and hold periodic publishing-related activities.

Zhu Yongzhen, general manager of Jiangsu Phoenix Vocational Education Center, thinks that the ability of most college students and postgraduates engaged in publishing is far from the requirements of the publishing industry, and that the ability of newcomers to write manuscripts, edit content and open up the market needs to be improved.Mr. Zhu pays more attention to long-term planning. He suggests that when dividing the professional direction, we should combine it with students'career planning, adjust the course content according to students' employment choices, and carry out cross-specialty construction when conditions permit.

Xu Lei, the editor-in-chief of Nanjing Normal University Publishing House, put forward three requirements for the publishing talents trained in this major: the talents of publishing major need affection and attention to society; the talents of publishing major should have career spirit and dedication; they need to exercise and experience the essence of the publishing industry in practice; the students should have academic background, exercise their comprehensive ability and avoid posts.Work is out of touch.


Zhang Chun, director of the research and Development Department of higher education books of Nanjing Normal University Press, believes that the training of future publishing talents mainly lies in two aspects: students'mastery of traditional publishing professional skills and their possession of good industry literacy.She suggests that students should be trained in the direction of compound innovative talents, so that they can have many skills such as editorial planning, marketing and distribution.

Mr. Peng Zhibin, President of Nanjing Normal University Press, believes that the specialty is intended to train high-quality publishers in the new era. Therefore, in terms of curriculum design, we need to adapt to social needs, and more importantly, we need to solve the operational problems of practical courses.At the same time, we should make some achievements in theory. We hope that more achievements in publishing theory will emerge to make up for the gaps in the discipline.In addition, it is necessary to form management methods for industry mentors, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, make rational use of their resources, and arrange specific jobs and positions for them.

At the end of the meeting, Professor Cao Hongjun, who is in charge of the master's degree of publishing in Nanjing Normal University, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the guests who put forward the golden ideas, and summarized the speeches made by the industry mentors.


Teacher Cao said that from the perspective of training master of publishing talents, we should share resources and cooperate sincerely in the future.It is believed that with the great concern of the leaders of the publishing industry, the great help of many elites in the publishing industry and the sincere cooperation of teaching and practice units, the master's degree of publishing in Nanjing Normal University will definitely be able to define its own position and cultivate high-level, compound and applied professionals to meet the needs of the development of modern publishing industry.