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Academic Events

Nanjing Normal University Yancheng enrollment publicity work smoothly

From July 24 to 28, President Gao Feng, Secretary Zhi Jing and President Li Hongmei of the school of literature of Nanjing Normal University led the college students, party and government teams and outstanding students to set up sites in Yancheng middle school, Yancheng No.1 middle school and Tinghu middle school in the first district of Yancheng to introduce the enrollment policy and general situation of Nanjing Normal University to students and their parents


[online channel to promote enrollment promotion in advance]

In April this year, the college began to carry out special training for the staff of enrollment publicity, and carried out comprehensive training on enrollment policies such as the general situation of the University, training programs and admission methods. The teachers and students participating in the enrollment publicity studied and analyzed the policy carefully and carefully with full spirit.

In order to facilitate students and parents to get to know Nanshi in advance and get to know Nanshi earlier, our hospital opened an online and telephone consultation channel in May to answer questions for parents and students.


[offline consultation, Q & A, hot scene]

7On April 24, the enrollment publicity group of the College of Arts and arts arrived in Yancheng to lead the local students of Yancheng to carry out relevant leisure consultation work. They set up propaganda sites in Yancheng middle school, Yancheng senior experimental middle school, Yancheng No.1 middle school, Tinghu middle school, Longgang middle school and Yancheng Institute of technology. The leaders of the college and the enrollment publicity group introduced the enrollment policy and school overview to parents and students at the consultation meetingIn addition, it answers the questions that parents pay close attention to, such as the choice of major, the entrance to school and employment.











(President Gao Feng gave a lecture on the enrollment policy of nannormal university to the candidates and their parents in Yancheng No.1 Middle School)


(secretary Zhi Jing gives a speech on the enrollment policy of nannormal university to the candidates and their parents in Tinghu middle school)


In front of the consultation point, people come and go in an endless stream. Teachers and students give careful answers and warm and thoughtful answers, so that parents and students who come to consult have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Nanshi.




At the same time of the middle school propaganda meeting, the publicity group carried out enrollment consultation work in the hotel simultaneously. The students who came to consult and their parents contacted each other incessantly. Many people visited many times. The enrollment propaganda group warmly received the visitors, listened to the questions carefully and gave comprehensive and detailed answers.

    Looking forward to more excellent students to choose Nanjing Normal University!





By Yao Jincheng and Yang Hongfei