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Academic Events

Never forget the rigorous and orderly mind at the beginning —— Academy of Literature has successfully completed the evaluation of the Chinese subject in Jiangsu College Entrance Examination

On January 20, the national unified examination papers for college enrollment in Jiangsu Province in 2019 were successfully completed. The 14-day papers evaluation work ended in an atmosphere of forgetfulness, rigorousness, orderliness and humanism.This is the 42nd time that the Literature Academy of Nan Normal University has undertaken the task of marking papers on the subject of Chinese in Jiangsu College Entrance Examination.



As an important part of the college entrance examination, the marking work has been concerned and helped by the provincial government, the provincial education department, the administration of the school Party committee and the relevant functional departments of the school for many years.This year, the deputy governor of Jiangsu Province, Wang Jiang, member of the provincial government party group, and the leaders of the examination center of the Ministry of Education, the provincial education department, the provincial finance department and the provincial education examination institute, as well as Secretary Hu Minqiang, President Chen Guoxiang and Vice-President Fu Kangsheng of the Party Committee of Nanjing Normal University, inspected the marking points of the Chinese subject in person, and put forward higher requirements besides encouraging and caring for the teachers participating in the marking.Teacher He Yongkang, the consultant of the marking group, has been on the spot for many times under the condition of poor health, which has contributed a lot to ensuring the orderly marking work.

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2019Under the leadership of President Yu Qiong and Secretary Yu Qiong of Jiangsu College of Arts and Literature, Jiangsu University Entrance Examination Chinese marking work has always adhered to a conscientious, dedicated and democratic style of work, which ensures that the analysis of test questions, the formulation of grading rules, the selection of sample papers, teacher training, problem papers processing, and the quality review of marking papers can be carried out consistently, smoothly and orderly.All teachers always bear in mind the mission and responsibility of selecting talents for the country. In the process of marking papers, they should not be impatient or hurried. They should carefully screen according to the criteria to ensure the accuracy of marking.At the same time, the college will also cover the whole process of marking papers by training, learning, explaining and exchanging discussions in a fixed period of time every day, which effectively improves the accuracy and scientificity of marking papers.


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"Xuanwu Bibo Yingliushi, Zijin Mountain under the gathering of famous teachers.Sour, sweet, bitter and spicy scholar's writing, go to earth and ascend to heaven to find good words.Material harmony is a hundred flavors, the beauty of adults.Xiao Xiao Banmazi went to read the papers next year.This poem is a metrical poem created by President Feng at the review and summary meeting. It shows the entrustment and expectation of numerous students and hard gardeners in Wenyuan.June's sunshine is just blazing hot. In this hard and happy time, we never forget the original intention, rigorous and orderly, which always exists in the hearts of teachers and students of the Academy of Arts.(Wen/Tian Juntu/Liu Ying)