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Papers Published in A-class Journals by Teachers and Students of School of Chinese Language and Literature--Associate Professor Huang Zhuoying and His Paper in Theoretical Research on Literature and Art

The Ideal Character and Value of Niu Yunzhen’s Construction of Historical Body

Huang Zhuoying, Research on Theories of Literature and Art, No.3, 2020

Brief Introduction to the Author

Huang Zhuoying, Doctor of Literature, associate professor of the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Nanjing Normal University, is mainly engaged in the historical study of Chinese culture and literary criticism and the literary study of Records of the Historian, Records of the Han Dynasty and Ci Fu. 


Niu Yunzhen, a historian in the early Qing Dynasty, rectified the “group history” comprehensively during the construction of historical body by taking Records of the Historian as a typical example and adopting the reverse statement of “forbidden body” as a strategy, on which basis formed his ideal pattern of establishing historical body with “Gravity and Elegance”, regulating historical law with “Experienced Mindfulness” and integrating historical emotions with “Spiritual Freedom”. This not only theoretically sublimated and critically applied the unique language pattern, narrative strategy and literary style of Records of the Historian successfully, thus further strengthening its classical status, but also showed great significance both in its pioneering exploration of the direction of historical-body construction, and in its enlightening influence to express and affirm emotions in the field of historiography for later generations.

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