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Academic Events

President Fu Mei Talks About The Essential Qualities of Scientific Publishing And Editing.

On the morning of December 18, 2020, at the invitation of Nanjing Normal University Publishing Department, Fu Mei, the president of Jiangsu Phoenix Science and Technology Press, came to our school for exchanges, and made a speech entitled "Science and Technology Publishing Editors Essentials Literacy" publishing industry lecture. The lecture was presided over by teacher Wang Hongbo from the School of Letters, and more than 70 students majoring in publishing attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, President Fu Mei first talked about the connotation of science and technology publishing, that is, science and technology publishing covers many fields such as natural sciences, computers, medicine, agriculture, and engineering technology. It is responsible for popularizing science and technology, promoting cutting-edge technology, cultivating scientific and technological talents, and promoting The major mission of technological innovation. Afterwards, President Fu Mei combined his many years of practical experience to share with you from three aspects: the status quo and future of scientific and technological publishing and the necessary qualities of excellent scientific and technological editors.

At the end of the lecture, the students asked questions about scientific and technological publishing. President Fu Mei combined his own experience and understanding and cited various examples to answer the students doubts in a simple and simple way.


Guest introductions:

Fu Mei, President of Jiangsu Phoenix Science and Technology Publishing House, editor and reviewer, Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Administration. He was awarded the title of "The Third Batch of Leading Talents in the Press and Publishing Industry of Jiangsu Province", the "Women Achievement" Model of Jiangsu Province, and "Excellent Young and Middle-aged Editors of Jiangsu Province". The planned and edited "Principles and Regulations of the Primary Light Energy Conversion Process of Photosynthesis", "High-tech Knowledge Series Biotechnology", "Jiangsu Flora" and other books won the China Book Award, the National Science and Technology Progress Award and other national, provincial and ministerial awards totaling 10 More than kind. Since presiding over the overall work of Su Keshe in 2015, he has been responsible for and completed major publishing projects such as "The Great Wall of China" and "The Canal of China". The medium and long-term development plan of Su Keshe which fully reflects the professional characteristics has been formulated, committed to creating a high-quality production system with Su Ke characteristics, and promoted the original and high-quality production of Su Keshe professional, mass, and education publishing.