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Academic Events

Professor Cheng Guangwei, School of Arts, Renmin University of China, Came to Our Institute for Online Academic Exchange.

On the morning of December 17, 2020, at the invitation of the State Key Discipline of Chinese modern and contemporary literature, Professor Cheng Guangwei, School of Arts, Renmin University of China, delivered an academic lecture entitled "preliminary study on the causes of Lu Yao brothers' Estrangement" through Tencent conference. The lecture was presided over by Professor Tan Guilin, who is in charge of Chinese modern and contemporary literature. Teachers and postgraduates of Chinese modern and contemporary literature major listen to the lecture online.

Cheng Guangwei is a native of Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province. Professor and doctoral supervisor, School of Arts, Renmin University of China. Vice president of the Chinese Contemporary Literature Research Association, winner of the special allowance of the State Council. He is mainly engaged in the study of the history of contemporary Chinese literature. He has published more than 200 papers and more than 10 books in such magazines as literary review, literary research, Chinese modern literature research series and literary contention. He has been to Europe, America, Japan and other countries to attend academic conferences and lectures.

At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Cheng presented several biographies of Lu Yao published in recent years, such as biography of Lu Yao (by Hou Fu), chronicle of Lu Yao (by Wang Gang), Lu Yao in the ordinary world (by Zhang Yanxi), etc. these "non professional" writers' records and carding of Lu Yao's life and past provide rich historical materials for the next stage of writer research Hangyu, the witness on his deathbed, left a book "Luyao's time: witnessing Luyao's last days". In the book, the contradiction between Lu Yao and his fourth brother Wang Tianle was revealed, which directly aroused our attention to the incident of "Luyao brothers' disharmony". The so-called "isolated evidence is not cited". A Memoir of Lu Yao's family (unpublished) privately obtained by Professor Cheng from a friend is exactly questioning and refuting the narration of Hangyu. However, as a professional literary historian, Professor Cheng did not overthrow the other with this one, but was excited by the new reference relationship between the two, that is, why did his brother who had been together for ten years suddenly fall apart? Based on the analysis of the two brothers' mutual dependence and support over the years, and the investigation of liver disease as an infectious disease, it can be concluded that the reasons given by Lu Yao's family's memoirs are in line with human nature, that is, the worries and fears brought about by "Luyao's disease" to the family (including Lu Yao himself) may be the most fatal factor for his brother's emotional weakness.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Cheng pointed out that the biography writing of contemporary writers is still in the primary stage, and more scholars are needed to participate in the collation and textual research of literature and historical materials. Through an empirical field investigation and research path, the more complex and multifaceted creation space and personal world of contemporary writers can be constructed completely.