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Academic Events

Professor Zhu Wanshu from Renmin University of China came to our school to give an academic lecture

On November 13, 2020, Professor Zhu Wanshu, Yangtze scholar and doctoral supervisor of Renmin University of China, was invited to the school of literature and arts of Nanjing Normal University for academic exchange, and gave an academic lecture entitled "Classicalization of The Story of Pipa" in room 117, Middle Building of Suiyuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University. The lecture was hosted by Professor Sun Shulei, majoring in Drama and Opera of the School of Arts. Doctoral and master students of Drama and Opera and related majors were present to listen.

During the lecture, Professor Zhu said, "Pipa", as a classic of Chinese opera from Yongle "Ryan county annals" record "is the progenitor of the lyrics", to Wei Liangfu "reputation of productive QuZu", and then to LingMengChu, the classic status has been continuously strengthened and consolidated. The reasons are not only the power discourse effect of the emperor's reward, but also the "focusing effect" brought by the scholars' debate on the "merits and defects" of "The West Chamber" and "The Moon Pavilion". Both the continuous and diversified reproduction of print and print has increased the influence of the works, and the continuous stage performance has expanded its depth in different social circles. Starting from two aspects: vertical (time) and horizontal (way), through investigating the attitude and rating of People towards The Book of Pipa, Professor Zhu believed that it had been classicalized in the Ming Dynasty, and pointed out that the process and way of classicalization of The Book of Pipa after its publication could provide useful reference for examining how other ancient literary works were classicalized.

Professor Zhu Wanshu's lecture aroused a positive response from the teachers and students attending the meeting. The students put forward various puzzles they encountered in academic research one after another, and Professor Zhu patiently answered them. Professor Sun Shulei summarized and emphasized that Professor Zhu has set a good benchmark and provided valuable reference for students to study opera with his own research experience and methods.(Written by Tian Ye)