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Academic Events

Researcher Li Jing of Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences was invited to our school for academic exchanges

On the afternoon of June 22, 2019, Li Jing, the researcher of the Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences, was invited to come to our school for academic exchanges and made a academic lecture entitled Selection and Writing of Academic Papers in the Conference Room of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Suiyuan campus.The lecture was presided over by Professor Wang Hui, the head of the Department of Film and Television study, and the professors of the film and television department, Prof. Jia Jichuan and Prof. Zhu Yimiao, attended the academic lecture. The graduate candidates from major of film and television study and related majors attended the lecture.

Li Jing is currently the executive director and secretary-general of the Jiangsu Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences, the editor-in-chief of the journal of Jiangsu Social Science, the second-level researcher, and the chief expert of the National Social Science Fund's major project “Study on the Rural Culture in Modern Chinese Literature”. A young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions from Jiangsu Province, a part-time doctoral tutor at the College of Chinese Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University.

In the lecture, Researcher Li Jing first introduced the contents of academic journals. She briefly explained the concept and classification of the journals of philosophy and social sciences, the functions and influence factors of CSSCI-derived journals, also related to their similarities and differences with the core journals of Peking University, the core journals of Chinese humanities and social sciences, and the copy materials of newspapers and periodicals of the National People's University. Then she take Jiangsu Social Science as an example, analysing the editorial concept, the source of the manuscript, and the review process of academic journals. When talking about the topic selection and writing of academic papers, Li Jing pointed out that academic topic selection is very important, and writers should have clear political acumen, academic awareness, problem awareness and realistic concern. The title of the papers should have 2-3 joint points. Whether it is big or small, the basic content and innovation of the article should be displayed. The writing of the papers can not only be the accumulation of historical materials and simple statements, but to find problems from them, combine their basic judgments with historical materials, and summarize the values and meanings. The innovation of the papers can be embodied in ideas, perspectives, methods, etc., and cannot be just innovative for innovation. Writing should follow basic norms, from topics, abstracts, keywords, to notes, citations, and so on. Furthermore, the papers should have the logical consciousness of interlocking ideas and clear structure, as she said the good one should be in one go, logically rigorous and fluent.

The teachers and students were deeply inspired by the speech of Li Jing’s researcher. Finally, the lecture ended smoothly in the warm interaction between Li Jing and the audience.Zhao Yuping, Zeng Xia