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Academic Events

Students And Faculty of The Master of Publishing Visited The Jinling Scriptural Press.

On December 17 and December 23, 2020, under the leadership of Mr. Wang and Ms. Shi, the first and second year students of the Master of Arts in Publishing of Nanjing Normal University visited the Jinling Scriptural Press located at No. 35 Huaihai Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing in two groups. The theme of the study activity was "The Times of Engraving and Printing - The Past and Present Life of the Jinling Scriptural Press".The speakers were Mr. Xiao, Director of the Jinling Scriptural Press, and Ms. Deng, who led the students to learn about the past and present life of the Jinling Scriptural Press and to appreciate the charm of engraving, led the students to learn about the past and present life of Jinling Scriptural Press and the charm of the era of engraving and printing.

The visit was divided into two main sessions: a talk and a tour. During the seminar, Mr. Xiao, the current executive deputy director of the Jinling Scriptural Press, researcher and director of the Chinese Buddhist Association, introduced the general situation of the Jinling Scriptural Press in the meeting room, after which our students and teachers had a warm exchange with Mr. Xiao. After the seminar, Ms. Deng, the representative inheritor of the United Nations Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity "Chinese Engraving and Printing Technique (Jinling Sutra Engraving and Printing Technique)" at the provincial level, led the teachers and students to visit and explain the interior of Jinling Scriptural Press, including the Shenliu Hall, the Sutra Building, the Chinese Engraving and Printing Technique Exhibition Area and the Circulation Exhibition Center. The tour was very beneficial.

The visit allowed the students to gain an understanding of Buddhist culture and to witness the display of the ancient printing art of traditional engraving and printing. In addition, it also triggered the students to think about the development of publishing today: while taking the initiative to learn and inherit traditional culture, they should also think about how to spread traditional culture through various new media, platforms and forms, so that such ancient skills as engraving and printing can take on a new luster in the new era.


Guest Introduction:

Xiao Yongming born in 1964, graduated from Sichuan University with a master's degree in literature in 1989 and joined the Jinling Sutra Engraving Office in 1989. Since 2010, he has been the executive deputy director and legal representative of the Jinling Sutra Office, presiding over the work.

Deng Qingzhi, female, Manchu, is a representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind at the provincial level, a representative of the 13th Women's Congress of Jiangsu Province, a master of Nanjing arts and crafts, and a recipient of the May Day Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province in 2020. Since she joined the Jinling Sutra Engraving Office in 1991, she has engraved more than 300 sutra bookplates with more than 100,000 words so far. He has reproduced more than 40 kinds of Buddha statue plates of the late Qing Dynasty, "Guanyin Bodhisattva's Fifty-three Presentations of Mercy" and "Amitabha Buddha Statue". Deng Qingzhi combines the calligraphy and painting techniques he learned from childhood with the non-heritage techniques, combining the skills of "writing" and "engraving", breaking the tradition of "writing not engraving, engraving not writing" in engraving techniques. "The scriptures engraved are neatly rolled and the lines of the Buddha are round and smooth. The engraved watermark work "Run" was selected for the 16th National Edition Exhibition and collected by the National Art Museum of China. Since 2012, he has been taking students to learn the art of engraving and engraving scriptures. He is patient and conscientious in the teaching process and teaches them by word of mouth, and now the students have successfully declared as municipal inheritors.