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Academic Events

The famous director Wanma Cai Dan was invited to our school college for academic exchange



On the afternoon of October 29th, 2018, the famous director Wanma Caidan was invited to our college for academic exchanges, and gave an academic lecture titled “Literary Film ‘Birds” in the 111 classroom of Xuehai Building in Xianlin Campus. The lecture was presided over by Professor He Ping from the department of Chinese modern and contemporary literature. Professor Zhang Peng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of our college, professor Jia Jichuan, director of the film and television department, associate professor Jiang Jun, associate professor Zhu Yizhen, and associate professor Yang Yushu of Nanjing University attended the academic report. Graduate students and some undergraduates majoring in drama and film studies, Chinese contemporary and contemporary literature are on the scene. The lecture was co-sponsored by the Department of Drama and Film Studies and the Jiangsu Contemporary Writer Research Base.

Wanma Caidan began to publish literary works in 1991. His masterpieces include "Temptation", "Gang" and "Beggar". In 2002, Wanma Caidan began to work as a film director and filmed a number of films showing Tibetan life. His masterpieces include "Prairie", "Silent Stone", "Looking for Zhimei", "Old Dog", "Colorful Arrows", "Tallo" and "Breaking a Sheep". In 2012, "Old Dog" won the 5th Best Film Awards at the Brooklyn Film Festival in the United States. In 2014, "Colorful Arrows" won the Best Photography Award at the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival Golden Jubilee Awards. In 2015, Tallo won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award for the 52nd Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards. In 2018, "Breaking a Sheep" won the Best Screenplay Award for the "Horizon" Competition at the 75th Venice International Film Festival, and the 55th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

In the lecture, Wanma Caidan answered the questions about "new interpretation path of modern and contemporary literature", "the relationship between literature and film", "the sense of interface and the sense of frame" in "Talo" through communication with teachers and students, "The difference between novels and movies" and other issues. When talking about the specific film production, he also discussed the role of the mirror in the film, how the mirror highlights the relationship between the characters, and the relationship between scene scheduling and composition, visual perception in the film. In addition, Wanma Caidan also talked about the difference between literary texts and film texts, how to choose the novel content in the process of film adaptation, the development status of ethnic minorities in the era of market economy, the relationship between minority films and mainstream movies, and the spread of minority movies.


The lecture given by Wanma Caidan sparked praise from the teachers and students. In the warm applause, the lecture ended satisfactorily. (Zhao Yuping)