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Academic Events

The Founding Conference of the Literature College Friends Association of Nanjing Normal University and the unveiling ceremony of the Central Building were held successfully.

On the 9th of the month, autumn is cool and sweet.The inauguration meeting and unveiling ceremony of the Central Building of Nanjing Normal University Literature College Alumni Association were solemnly held in the Hong Ai Presentation Hall of the Central Building of Suiyuan Campus.Representatives of alumni and teachers from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the brilliant achievements and bright future of the College of Literature.Hu Minqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chen Guoxiang, vice secretary of the Party Committee, Shang Hongbo, and Zhu Xiaojin, vice president, attended the event. The leaders of the relevant functional departments of the school and the students'representatives of the college also attended the meeting.

Before the founding meeting of the Alumni Association, the first Council of the Alumni Association of Literature Colleges was held in the 117 Hall of the Central Building.


The meeting was presided over by the Dean of the College of Literature, Gao Feng, who deliberated and adopted the list of suggestions from the Board of Directors of the College of Literature of Nanjing Normal University and the Statute of the Association of Friends of the College of Literature of Nanjing Normal University.Wang Zhan, former vice-minister of the Ministry of Education and vice-governor of Jiangsu Province, was elected as honorary president of the Alumni Association of Literature Colleges, and Gao Feng, former president of the Academy of Literature, was elected as president of the Alumni Association.

At 9 a.m., bathed in the golden autumn sunshine, alumni representatives gathered at the front of the plaque of the Chinese Academy of Literature in the middle building to unveil the renovation of the new building.Under the cover of flowers and trees, the buildings with carved beams and painted buildings are particularly dignified and charming.After closed renovation, the middle building, which was built in 1956, also glowed with youth in the new era.


After the unveiling ceremony, accompanied by the president of Gaofeng University and other leaders of the college, the school leaders and alumni visited the building. After understanding the new structure and functions of the building, they said that the building not only added new elements of the times, but also retained the original unique memory, with a sense of history, modernity and humanism.



Centuries of Nanshi, fireworks passed down, Wenyuan Yinghua, the stars shining.At 9:15, the founding meeting of the Alumni Association was officially held in the middle building.

109 The lecture hall was held, and Yu Qiong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Literature, presided over the conference.At the beginning of the conference, President Chen Guoxiang addressed welcoming speeches to alumni and teachers from all walks of life and expressed sincere thanks for their arrival.President Chen said that on September 9, 2019, the convening of the Alumni Conference of the Academy of Literature was a great event.The Academy of Literature has a long history and is known as the "Jiangnan Wenshu". In recent years, the Academy of Literature has achieved great success with great development goals.The construction and development of the College can not be separated from the strong support of alumni. We hope that all alumni can make full use of the platform advantages, effectively play the role of bridge and link, and build a development community with the College to compose a new chapter of the College.

Subsequently, President Gao Feng reported on the great development of the College of Literature in recent years from the aspects of its development history, faculty, discipline construction and personnel training.Over the years, the Academy of Literature has trained many outstanding talents. Alumni have made outstanding contributions to the country and society in their respective posts. They have also given selfless concern and help to the career development of their alma mater.With the high attention of the school and the strong support of all parties, after six months, the Alumni Association of literary academies has been successfully established.President Gao Feng said that in the coming days, the Alumni Association will continue to inherit the tradition of the college, live up to the ardent expectations of many alumni, give full play to the function of communication and liaison, organize alumni activities, build communication platforms, launch a lifelong training program for Chinese alumni, and maintain the responsibility and quality of the college forever.Finally, Vice President Zhu Xiaojin read out the decision on the establishment of the Alumni Association of Literature Colleges and the list of members of the Alumni Association.



The bronze medal and red silk of the Alumni Association were unveiled in the generous and passionate school songs. President Chen Guoxiang presented an engagement letter for honorary president Wang Zhan and President Gaofeng and took a group photo as a souvenir. 



Degao is a teacher, he is a model, he is grateful for his origin, and his kindness is unforgettable.The alumni who came out of the building condensed their original intention and comprehended their mission here, and took it as a starting point and opened a new chapter in their lives.Teachers who work silently in the front line of teaching and scientific research are always nourishing a group of students with rich knowledge, rigorous style of study and tireless spirit like sunshine and rain.On the occasion of the 35th Teacher's Day, some alumni representatives came to the stage to present flowers to the retired teachers'representatives, and expressed their sincere gratitude and respect to them.



Hold a heart, not half grass.After decades, on such a memorable day, Wang Junzhong, a retired teacher, was very gratified to receive the bouquet from former students.In his speech, he warmly welcomed all the alumni who returned to his alma mater. At the same time, he was also inspired by the vigorous development and outstanding achievements of the College in recent years, and encouraged future generations to continue to move forward and pursue excellence.At the end of the conference, Wang Zhan, honorary president of the Alumni Association, made a speech.Not only did he look back on his youthful years in the liberal arts academy and express his gratitude to his former teachers, but he also expressed his deep hope for the development of the Alumni Association and his alma mater.He said that in the process of pushing forward the construction of "double first-class" and implementing the strategy of "thick fertility talents", Nanshi University, with a long history and profound connotation, will surely blossom brilliantly in the new era and create new brilliance.



After the meeting, the participants, alumni and representatives of teachers and students took pictures on the lawn of Suiyuan to mark the end of the founding meeting of the Alumni Association."Red Mansions are fantastic, green grass sings the soul with the garden.Wen Qi, such as fumigation, can transform rain, branches and leaves are always related to the situation.The establishment of the Alumni Association and the renovation of the middle building are milestones and new starting points for the development of the Academy of Literature. In the future, the Alumni Association of the Academy of Literature will surely become a bridge between the alumni and the Academy, a spiritual home and a warm harbor for the vast number of alumni.Every student who comes out of the building will always be concerned about the development of the Academy of Literature, with the heart of boxing to create a better future for the Alma Mater and the Alma Mater.