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Academic Events

The Fourth Branch of the Faculty of Arts Held a "Two-school-one" Thematic Organization and a Democratic Council

At the beginning of this semester, the party committee of the Faculty of Arts, in response to the call of the Party Central Organization Department, the provincial party committee and the school party committee, carried out a global deployment of the work of holding a special organization and living in the "two schools" The Under the strong support of Yuqiong's secretary and the party committee, the fourth branch of the Faculty of Liberal Arts held a "two-school-one" special organization meeting at the meeting room at 3:40 pm on February 22, To carry out democratic appraisal activities.

At the meeting, branch secretary Chen Ruihong received the "party" and "on the new situation under the party's political life of a number of guidelines" in some of the content, the organization discussed the feature film "Zhou Enlai's party spirit" viewing experience. Through the study and discussion, we not only revisit the party members of the conditions, obligations, rights, to join the party and other content, but also fully aware of the current situation under the situation faced by party members, should bear the responsibility and the need for criticism and self-criticism.

On the basis of the above study, Chen Ruihong on behalf of the branch team to hold the job, and control the "five investigation and five to strengthen the" requirements and the "four stresses four have" standards, check the issue, self-examination; Combined with their own thoughts and work since 2016, talked about some of the real situation and problems, for example, inpidual party members because of family, health and other reasons led to the decline in scientific research in recent years and so on. After the discussion of democratic appraisal, we agreed that the development momentum of the four branches is good: the branch team and branch members of the communication between the more work done; party members can achieve the "four stresses four" standard, especially Wang Jiezhi and other professors learn high body, called model, Zhu Yimiao and other young teachers are both ability and integrity, showing a positive and progressive style. Finally, we will unanimously stand in the future to continue to Zhou Enlai and other older generation of revolutionaries to learn, adhere to the principle of party spirit, carry forward the advantages, make up for deficiencies, unity and cooperation, and better for the party and the people of higher education services.(Chen Ruihong)