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Academic Events

The Lecture For Normal University Students in School of Chinese Language and Literature was Held Successfully

On December 16, 4:00 pm, the 3rd lecture for normal university students was held successfully in room 502, Xuezheng Building. Professor Gao Feng, dean of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, presented at the lecture. The theme of the lecture is “Being a Class Teacher with Bright Spirit”. The keynote speaker is Jin Pang, who acts as the Deputy Secretary general of the Head Teacher Committee of China Education Association and the vice principal of Hanjiang High School of Jiangsu Province. The instructor of the School of Chinese Language and Literature and nearly 80 students from the normal class attended the lecture.

As to how to make a class teacher with bright spirit, Teacher Jin Pang summed up three aspects from his teaching practice, explaining them one by one to the students.

The first point is to understand the character and duty of a class teacher. At the beginning of the lecture, Teacher Jin listed several documents to the student, such as “Regulations on the work of Primary and Middle School Class Teachers” and “Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Deepening Educational and Teaching Reform to Comprehensively Improve the Quality of Compulsory Education”. He suggested the students read it carefully. The content of the documents gave way to what he wanted to emphasize——the fundamental task of a class teacher is to cultivate people with virtue. Around this standpoint, Teacher Jin put forward three questions for the students to think about: what kind of students to cultivate, what kind of classes to take and what kind of class teacher to be. These three questions taken as the main line, he leisurely expressed his viewpoints to the students, combined with his own teaching practice experience.

Secondly, it is significant to understand the quality and competence of a class master. In the process of explanation, Mr. Jin made a list of the 26 abilities a class master should possess and gave a brief and clear explanation. Then, Mr. Jin takes two small compositions as the breakthrough point, emphatically analyzes the importance of planning. Finally, he concluded six main abilities that a class teacher is supposed to  have,including the constructive power of students’ spiritual world and the constructive power of class curriculum.

Thirdly, he explained how to be a “great” class teacher in the new era. Quoting the idea from President Xi Jinping as “what kind of people to cultivate, for whom to cultivate and how to cultivate”, Mr Jin shared his experience about how to be a good class teacher in the new era briefly, sublimating the theme of the lecture and promoting the ideological cognition of students.

Finally, Mr. Gao Feng, President of the College of Literature, awarded Mr. Jin Pang an of appointment to serve as a part-time tutor of the Chinese language and literature major in our college. The lecture ended in the warm applause of the students.

In this lecture, Mr. Jin, as a head teacher working in the front line of high school education, vividly shared his rich practical experience with his own experience. He closely linked the knowledge of class management with the reality of senior high school teaching, and showed the real situation and developing direction of high school class teachers’ work, which benefited the students attending the lecture.