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Academic Events

The lecture on "Creating Life with Life" for normal university students was held successfully

In response to our school’s call to strengthen the guidance of normal culture and the characteristic education of normal students, and to cultivate the teachers’quality and professional skills of normal students majoring in Chinese language and literature, the College of Liberal Arts has established a normal culture forum to provide guidance for the direction of growth and practice of skills of normal students.

On the evening of September 23, Hao Xiaowen, vice principal of Xianlin Branch of Nanjing Foreign Language School, came to our school and gave a special lecture entitled "Creating Life with Life " to students of the School of Literature. The lecture was held in classroom 501 of the Main building of Xianlin Campus, presided by Mr. Gao Feng of the Faculty of Arts. Nearly 200 students from the 2018 Chinese Language and Literature Normal major and 2019 Major of Chinese language and literature attended the lecture. Deng Xiaodong, associate professor and head of Chinese Language and Literature teacher of the Faculty of Arts, and Zhao Xin, instructor of the Faculty of Arts of 2018, also attended the lecture.

At the beginning, President Gao Feng told his own experience as an introduction to clarify the intention of setting up a normal culture forum, and referred to the keynote speaker of the lecture - Hao Xiaowen, alumni of nanjing Normal University and vice President of Nanjing Foreign Languages School Xianlin Branch.

Principal Hao Xiaowen Shared her experience and opinions with the present teachers and students from two dimensions of running school and teaching, combining her rich experience. First of all, the qualityoriented education model has been frequently challenged in recent years, which reflects the current educational situation, said Hao Xiaowen. Citing a conversation between Peking University President Xu Zhihong and Yale President Levin, she said that western education systems place more emphasis on students’ personality development and encourage students to think for themselves. Citing the example of her school, Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin branch, Hao called for "a good school not only to provide access to knowledge, but also to dignity, loyalty and strength."

On the teaching dimension, Hao Stressed that, on the one hand, the classroom is used to help students, not to teach. On the other hand, preparing students is far more important than preparing textbooks. She advocates interactive classes and promotes the autonomy of students. At the level of lesson preparation, she explained that good teaching methods are often the best way to understand students’psychology, while at the same time, it is necessary to invest a lot in the study of their professional knowledge and skills. "TheChinese lesson preparation is immersion." She stressed. At last, President Hao Xiaowen ended her humorous and informative speech with Dr. Trudeau famous words "Sometimes healing, often helping, always comforting", which won the applause of the audience. Many students expressed their deep inspiration after the lecture.
Finally, professor Gaofeng told everyone about ms vautrin, who dedicated her life for the construction of Ginlingcollege.Besides, professor Jiang Qingbai, a retired teacher in School of Chinese Language and Literature, donate 10000 surgical masks at his own expense for the school , encouraging all the students to teach with great love, and to cultivate virtue.

The successful holding of the characteristic lectures of normal university students not only provides guidance for our normal university students to learn professional knowledge and carry out skills practice, but also helps them feel the educational atmosphere of the times, broaden their professional mind as a future teacher and inherit the tradition of school motto.