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Academic Events

The Lecture on "New Curriculum Standard" For Normal University Students was Held Successfully

On the evening of October 28, Mr. Xu Zhiwei gave a lecture entitled "New curriculum standard, new teaching materials and new requirements of college entrance examination on the quality training of Chinese teachers" in room 212, Xuehai Building.The lecture was presided over by Dean Gao Feng.Yang Hongfei, instructor of class 2019 and 2020 of  the School of Chinese Language and Literature, and nearly 200 students  attended the lecture.

Before the lecture began, President Gao Feng introduced Teacher Xu Zhiwei's teaching experience and outstanding contribution in the basic education field, connected with the new changes, new requirements and new confusion in middle school Chinese teaching under the background of new curriculum standard, new textbooks and new college entrance examination, and emphasized the important significance of the lecture for the training of normal college students in the School of Chinese Language and Literature.

Teacher Xu Zhiwei first emphasized the fundamental position of the new curriculum standard in the current senior high school Chinese teaching, and then explained the new curriculum standard in detail from six aspects, such as the nature of the curriculum, core concept and curriculum structure."New curriculum standard" enriches the nature of Chinese curriculum, further refines and implements the evaluation standard, and creatively puts forward the new concept of "task group".

Then, xu teacher vividly illustrates the requirement of new teaching: the "control" to reduce course step by step, increase the course of "comprehensive", "complexity" and "uncertainty", let students experience the various typical study waythrough three lesson "heterogeneous" class example. For the future, to cultivate qualified citizens.In terms of evaluation, Teacher Xu Zhiwei elaborated the characteristics of the new evaluation through seven novel examples, such as quality prediction questions and task-driven questions. The number of new questions emphasizing "uncertainty" has increased, and more emphasis is placed on "comprehensiveness" of Chinese curriculum, which puts forward higher requirements for high school Chinese teaching.

In the end, Mr. Xu Zhiwei quoted Professor Chen Pingyuan as saying that "Chinese teaching has a very low threshold, but a very high standard". He further summarized the characteristics and current situation of Chinese teaching, and expressed his hope for middle school Chinese teaching workers under the new situation.Teacher Xu Zhiwei's vivid humor, simple speech won the audience burst of applause.

At the end of the lecture, President Gao Feng expounded the new challenges to college entrance examination marking, curriculum setting and training and education of normal university students under the situation of new curriculum standards, new textbooks and new college entrance examination, expressed his feelings and thoughts, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Teacher Xu Zhiwei for coming.

This lecture gave our school's students a deeper understanding of the new situation of Chinese teaching in middle schools, provided guidance for their professional quality cultivation, and helped them understand the responsibility and responsibility of Chinese teaching. They understand the lofty significance of "preaching, teaching and solving doubts" deeper now.(Writer: Xu Tianchi)