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Academic Events

The news center of the Faculty of Arts held a regular meeting in March

On the afternoon of March 20, the Press Center of the Faculty of Letters held a regular meeting in March in the classroom classroom, and Xu Zhangjing, Minister of the Liaison Department, served as the chairperson of the conference, and the ministers and officers attended the meeting.

The meeting began, the host to introduce the main contents of the meeting: sum up the work of the previous month, the layout of the next phase of the affairs, awarded outstanding officers, outstanding ministerial certificate, take pictures.

The first part of the meeting, summed up the work of a department since a month. Xu Zhang Jing from the editorial department started, meticulously summed up the work of the central departments of the progress and deficiencies. The head of each department and members of the department made a note seriously, said in the next stage to correct deficiencies, improve the department work. The host immediately told the members of the editorial department and poster department not to leave after the regular meeting, to discuss the separate work of the two departments to discuss.

The chairman and vice chairman of the center were unable to attend the school conflict, so the meeting quickly entered the award of outstanding officers and outstanding ministerial awards. The award-winning officers are Wei Yuyang, Dai Wenxuan, Zhou Yuqing, Jiang Xinyue, Bao Yuheng, Gao Ke, Zou Yu Lei, Yu Jin Ni, Shi Lu Rong. In addition, Xu Zhangjing, Wu Yue, Fu Shuyi, Ren Shutong got the title of outstanding minister this month.