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Academic Events

The opening ceremony welcoming freshmen in Class of 2020 was held successfully

On the morning of September 18, the opening ceremony welcoming Class of 2020 undergraduate and graduate students in our School of Chinese Language and Literature  was held successively in The Guangle Hall of Xianlin Campus. The opening ceremony was presided over by Teacher Zhi Jing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee.Teacher Yu Qiong, secretary of the party committee, Teacher Gao Feng, dean of our school, vice President Liang Dandan, and Teacher Li Hongmei attended this event. Also present at the opening ceremony of undergraduate students were class directors of class 2020, doctoral supervisors and master supervisors of the school.

The ceremony began with a solemn national anthem. President Gao Feng then expressed his sincere congratulations and warm welcome to the new students of the class of 2020, and introduced to them the profound heritage, scientific achievements and professional training of the School of Chinese Language and Literature.He told the freshmen to keep a "single-minded attitude toward learning, clean and upright" , and express his wish that they would be successful in their studies in the next few years.

Then, Li Zhaohui, the outstanding graduate representative, the 2015 undergraduate and 2019 graduate student, shared his thoughts on university life and told his personal dream story to the freshmen, and reminded them to pay attention to professional learning, cultivate practice ability and actively exercise their bodies. Jiang Yuning, an undergraduate student, and Liu Xiao, a graduate student, delivered speeches on behalf of undergraduate students and graduate students respectively.Jiang Yuning put forward that young people should write a new chapter of life with a learned and tireless attitude.Liu Xiao called on everyone to love life, love reading and be a warm reader.

Later, teachers Huang Zhuoying and Chen Jide, representatives of the Faculty of Arts, delivered speeches to undergraduates and postgraduates of the class of 2020 respectively.Professor Huang zhuoying told his college experience in a kind and honest manner, encouraging students to establish their own life path and life value during the university, and to establish and practice their ideal goals.

Teacher Chen Jide explained to the students the two basic problems that students need to be clear about in the postgraduate stage, and reminded the students that they should always have the spirit of questioning, with feelings, pattern, courage and value.The teachers' eloquent and elegant speeches won the applause of teachers and students present.

In order to ensure that freshmen can get better guidance and growth, each class in School of Chinese Language and Literature has been equipped each class with head teachers, and issued the appointment letter of class head teachers of grade 2020 at the meeting.Teacher Li Hongmei, Teacher Zhi Jing, Teacher Hu Mingbo, Teacher Tao Hui, Teacher Kong Degang, teacher Li Yanji, Teacher Song Yiqi and teacher High school Zheng serve as class directors respectively.

At last, Yu Qiong, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, made a speech.Starting from the coVID-19 epidemic that has ravaged the world this year, Secretary Yu has given a profound ideological education to the new students.Secretary Yu encouraged students not only to study hard, but also tocare about social issues, always have a sense of responsibility, and have the courage to take on the responsibilities entrusted to young people in the new era. Secretary Yu's encouragement deeply touched the  teachers and students present.

The opening ceremony of the Class of 2020 School of Chinese Language and Literature came to a successful end with the passionate singing of the school.After the opening ceremony, the graduate students also attended the meeting with the freshmen tutor of School of Chinese Language and Literature, in which the teachers introduced their topic direction and research focus one by one, and fully communicated with the freshmen about the learning tasks of the following semester.In the conversation, the teachers and students gradually familiar with each other.

The opening ceremony of the School of Chinese Language and Literature and the meeting with the tutor of graduate freshmen have enhanced the freshmen's understanding of the century-old foundation, academic atmosphere and learning life of the College, and encouraged the freshmen of grade 2020 to set a clear direction, inherit the past achievements and open up a new chapter.