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Academic Events

The opening meeting of the general project of the National Social Science Foundation entitled "Interpretation of difficult words and relevant theoretical research in the literature of Dunhuang Western Regions" was successfully held

On the afternoon of September 28, the opening report of the National Social Science Foundation Project "Interpretation of Documents Written in the Western Regions of Dunhuang and Related Theoretical Research" (No. 18YB157) sponsored by Zhao Jiadong, an associate professor of Literary School of our university, was successfully held in the conference room of the Literature Academy on the first floor of Suiyuan South Building.            


Professor Dong Zhiqiao of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Zhu Jun of Nanjing Audit University, Professor Zhou Agen of Nanjing Forestry University and Associate Professor Su Qian of Nanjing Normal University were invited to form the expert group.            


First of all, the chairman, Professor Zhao Jiadong, gave a detailed report to the members of the expert group on the research object, key and difficult points, main objectives, basic ideas, specific research methods, research plan and its feasibility. Taking the documents written in Dunhuang, Turpan and Heishuicheng as the investigation corpus, this paper makes a textual research on nearly 200 difficult words in the documents written in the Western Regions of Dunhuang, draws up the criteria for judging the operable difficult words and expressions, explores the limitations and limitations of the methods and means of textual research on difficult words and expressions from the perspective of methodology, and analyzes Dunhuang. The textual research and interpretation of the difficult words and expressions in the Western Regions are related to exegetics, phonology, lexicology, Chinese characters, literature and culture. Professor Zhao Hong of Nanjing Normal University and Cui Lan of Nanjing Normal University Press, members of the research group, report and consult the experts on the development and details of the research. Professor Ji Xiaole, scientific research Secretary of the School of Literature of Nanning Normal University, made a brief explanation on the matters needing attention in the project research and the use of funds.            


Subsequently, the participants fully affirmed the framework and research ideas of the project, confirmed the feasibility of the project research from the research object, research plan, research basis and technical conditions, and put forward constructive opinions and views on the subject from different angles.            


Professor Dong Zhiqiao of Nanjing Normal University holds that the subject expands the scope of previous relevant studies and raises the interpretation of difficult words to a theoretical level, which is a great innovation.            

Professor Zhu Jun of Nanjing Audit University holds that the research plan is reasonable, the train of thought is clear, and the combination of theoretical theory and empirical research is emphasized. It is also pointed out that the frequency of difficult words may be closely related to the writing features and stylistic features of the documents.            

Professor Zhou Agen of Nanjing Forestry University suggested that the judgment criteria of difficult words should take into account the opinions of the academic circles as well as be "self-centered". After all, the subject of the research is the members of the research group. Don't get entangled in the criteria. The key is to look at your research process and conclusions. That is to say, you can solve those difficult problems. To provide the normal values for similar studies.            


Su Qian, an associate professor of Nanjing Normal University, puts forward some suggestions and points for attention on the acquisition, screening and utilization of documents in the course of research from the aspects of the nature of documents and the format of the documents.            


Finally, the presenter, Professor Zhao Jiadong, thanked the experts for their suggestions, expressed the pertinence and constructiveness of the experts'opinions, and made an interactive exchange with the experts on specific opinions with the members of the research group, explained the relevant issues, and consulted and discussed other issues of the project research. Zhao Jiadong, assistant professor of the subject, 13 students who attended the project attended the opening meeting of the project.