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Academic Events

"Theoretical linguistics to the transformation of Computational Linguistics" Academic Salon successfully convened

At 16:00 p.m. on September 20, 2018, Dr. Qiao Hongliang came to our university for academic exchange at the invitation of the Academy of Literature and Institute of Language Science and Technology of Nanjing Normal University. He gave an academic lecture entitled "The Way to Transform Theoretical Linguistics to Computational Linguistics" in Classroom 209, the main building of Xianlin Campus. The lecture was presided over by Li Bin, an associate professor of the Academy of Literature. The undergraduates and postgraduates of Applied Linguistics from the Chinese Language Major of the Academy of Literature attended the lecture.            


Dr. Qiao Hongliang, founder of Australian Lexxe Pty Ltd Ltd., has been engaged in language research in China, Australia, Sweden and Norway. He devotes himself to the development of the third generation search engine, and the technology of Question Answer Search, Semantic Keyword Search and Emotional Search has been in the leading position in the world.            


During the course of the lecture, Dr. Qiao Hongliang shared his views from five aspects: the category of linguistics, the category of computational linguistics, the relationship between linguistics and computational linguistics, the prospects of linguistics and computational linguistics, and how to be a linguist and a computational linguist. He pointed out that language is a set of programmed rules. Theoretical linguistics is the description of universal rules of language, while computational linguistics emphasizes the analysis and processing of natural language by mathematical models and computer programming. Then, from the perspective of machine learning, Dr. Qiao Hongliang analyzed the prospects and current limitations of the development of artificial intelligence in combination with various popular products of artificial intelligence in the market. Finally, Dr. Qiao Hongliang, starting from his own learning experience, has answered the puzzles related to professional learning for all the students present.            


Dr. Qiao Hongliang, who has been engaged in Computational Linguistics for 30 years, always believes that computational linguistics is a "particularly interesting subject". In the course of the lecture, he put forward the requirement that students should consciously exercise abstract thinking and think in small places. Dr. Qiao Hongliang is humorous and the atmosphere of the lecture is relaxed and cheerful. He is highly praised by the teachers and students present. Students have reflected that they have benefited a lot from this academic salon. Dr. Qiao Hongliang also expressed his desire to come back to Nanshi and communicate with students. The symposium was successfully concluded with warm applause.