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Topic of A-Class Journal Paper Published by Teachers and Students of School of Chinese Language and Literature in 2020 -- The Linguistic Research Team of Our School Published a Paper in SSCI Journal

The paper, Emotional prosody recognition in children with high-functioning autism under the influence of emotional intensity: Based on the perspective of emotional dimension theory, was published by the patholinguistic research team led by our school’s Professor Liang Dandan in Journal of Communication Disorders (SSCI) in August 2020.
The first author of the paper is Song Yiqi, the corresponding author Professor Liang, and the co-author Zhong Jianxiu, who is Professor Liang's graduate student. This research was supported by the National Social Science Foundation's key project Research on Pragmatic Reasoning in Chinese High Function Autism Children.
Autism is a type of congenitally pervasive developmental disorder characterized by social deficits and stereotyped interests&repetitive behaviors. People with autism generally have difficulty in understanding emotions, and it is difficult for them to extract emotional meaning from changes in acoustic cues. This study examined the ability of high-functioning autistic children to recognize emotional prosody under different emotional intensity conditions. Through the analysis of the accuracy of identification and error patterns, high-functioning autistic children's performance of emotional prosody recognition which is different from that of typically-developing children is found, and for the first time, with the use of emotional dimension theory, the barriers of autistic children’s emotional prosody recognition have been interpreted from a brand-new angle, providing a new train of thought for the explanation of the obstacles’ causes and the design of the intervention methods.