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Academic Events

Wang Xiurong was invited to our college for academic exchanges


On the afternoon of October 24th, 2018, Wang Xiurong, the editor-in-chief of Jiangsu Fenghuang Literature and Art Publishing House, was invited to our college for academic exchanges. He made a lecture entitled “Past, Present and Future of Literature and Art Publishing” in the conference room of the College of Literature in Suiyuan. The lecture was presided over by Professor Wang Hui, the head of the Department of Drama, Film and Television. Professor Jia Jichuan, the director of the film and television department, attended the academic lecture as well. The graduate students who are majoring in drama, film and television studies attended the lecture.


The editor-in-chief of Wang Xiurong has planned more than 30 sets of various large-scale books. The books have won more than 50 kinds of prizes at the provincial level and above, including achieving the awards of the most beautiful book in the world twice, the China Publishing Government Award, and the China Excellent Publication Award three times. He also won the National Bestseller Award in the literature and art category five times and was awarded the leading talent in the press and publication industry in Jiangsu Province.

In the lecture, Wang Xiurong elaborated on the "past, present and future" of Chinese literature and art publishing in the past 40 years since reforming and opening up. He first expounded the essence of mass publishing namely is literature and art publishing, and then discussed the three stages of Chinese literature and art publishing, and summarized the main features of the three stages that are golden period from 1977 to 1989, the turning period from 1990 to 2000, and the period of diversified commercialization from 2001 to 2018.  He pointed out that the contemporary publishing industry has undergone tremendous changes in the the market economy environment, and has deeply analyzed the phenomena and causes. He also combines the publishing status with the contemporary China, analyzing and summarizing the important changes that literary and art publishing has undergone in the Internet age, and new cultural phenomena triggered by online writers, children's literature writers, film and television writers and electro-acoustic writers, who are the writers in a new era. Finally, Wang Xiurong made many predictions on the basic characteristics of China's publishing in the future.


The lecture by the editor-in-chief of Wang Xiurong triggered praise from the teachers and students. In the warm applause, the lecture ended satisfactorily. (Zhao Yuping)