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Academic Events

Wen Xin Young Volunteers Association organizing new activities

On the evening of March 7th, the Wen Xin Young Volunteers Association of the Liberal Arts Institute launched a new semester base in the classroom building. The event was chaired by General Manager Wanru Wang, and was explained by four heads of the new base. The officers were also involved in the new interview. Activities lasted nearly an hour.

Recruit new has not yet begun, come to the students have been waiting to come. The back of the classroom is divided into four areas with red plates, and the officers of the bases prepare for the final.

Activities began, in the Wanru Wang minister simple opening remarks, the base of the person in charge of the wonderful PPT for everyone to introduce the details of the activities of the base, the number of new and requirements. Students in the following listened to relish, have been attracted by the activities of the base, but also seriously in the application form to write their own intentions.

After the introduction of four bases, the volunteers began to recruit new. Some of the base area next to the interview with the students, such as Xianlin street base of the elderly English classes and current affairs newspaper classes are very popular. Some of the base area next to the people are less, but the whole classroom, full of warm atmosphere. Look, a secretary is holding the registration form to seriously ask the opposite students. Their faces are filled with a smile, it is because like-minded and triggered the inner joy. Senior officers also imparted their own new experiences to new officers and encouraged them to contribute their own contribution to Wen Xin Youth Volunteers Association.

Finally, the various positions of the officers for their interview with the students were discussed, comment. The base responsible person finishing the students submitted to the application form, screening out the outstanding applicants, and the list of summary, ready to follow the link.

Wen Xin Young Volunteers Association in the spring of 2017 base station new activities successfully held. Each of the participants in the new Wen Xin Youth Association members have received a valuable experience, and to pay a force for this. At the same time, they are also looking forward to joining the like-minded new members. In the days to come, all volunteers will be at their respective bases to plant and harvest love and happiness, work together to build a good volunteer base.(Tingyuan Zhang)