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Academic Events

Xu Hai, Chief Editor of Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, Came to Our Institute to Hold a Lecture

On the afternoon of November 6, 2020, at the invitation of the publishing major of Nanjing Normal University, the chief editor and editor of Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group came to our college for exchange, and gave an industry lecture entitled "How to Market a Book" in the lecture Hall of The Building 117 of our college. The lecture was presided over by Wang Hongbo, a teacher from the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Fan Ming, director of Phoenix Publishing Media and publication Department, director Liu Yan of Jiangsu Phoenix Vocational Education Book Co. LTD. and more than 70 students attended the lecture.

In this lecture, Xu Hai, the chief editor, shared his understanding and thinking on how to do book marketing well with the students based on his years of practical experience, and introduced how to market a book from the aspects of marketing subject, marketing object, marketing process and marketing means.

At the end of the lecture, students asked questions about book marketing on the spot, and Editor-in-chief Xu Hai answered them one by one by virtue of his rich working experience, which made everyone gain a lot.

Hong-bo wang teacher pointed out in the summary, the lecture focuses on managing editor for our share of the book marketing experience for many years, I hope the students to study in the future life, want to think more, enhance their own ability, from the point of life found in research, master xu "teach them to fish" his "fishing", the application in the future work.


Brief Introduction of the speaker:

Xu Hai, chief editor and editor of Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Group. Bachelor of Law and Master of Chinese from Nanjing University, master of Public Policy from University of Maryland. Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from Jiangsu Province. Participated in the writing and translation of 3 books, published more than 30 papers and articles, organized the planning and publishing of several national projects. Research area: publishing planning, cultural planning and intellectual property law.