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Academic Events

Yan Wei, editor of National Radio and Television Administration, came to our college for online academic exchange

On the morning of June 13, 2020, Yan Wei, director editor of the Television Arts Committee of the National Radio and Television Administration, delivered an academic lecture entitled "Hot topics and typical Problems in the research of Television and Internet Audiovisual Arts in recent years" at the invitation of the key discipline of Drama, Film and Television of our college.The lecture was hosted by Professor Wang Hui, director of Drama, Film and television, and listened to online by teachers and graduate students of Drama, Film and television.


Yan Wei, doctor of film and television, the television of the state administration of radio and television arts council, editor, director of the China academy of television arts blue book deputy editor, the journal of Chinese TV program host, communication university of China research group, China's TV series "who" and "China TV literature and art" starlight award "of the judges, China association of Internet audio-visual service training expert, Beijing radio and television and Internet audio-visual program evaluation experts.He is the author of several monographs, such as Atlas of Chinese TV Drama Classic Characters and Art of TV Drama Lyrics. He also participated in the editing of academic works, such as Art of TV Drama and History of Chinese TV Criticism.

In the lecture, Yan Wei mainly talked about several hot issues in the research field of TV and Internet audio-visual arts, as well as the key points of paper writing in this field.First, he discussed six hot issues respectively: 1. Selected topics that are consistent with important publicity themes or current events;2. Research on the latest popular program types, "phenomena-level" works and programs, and new creative ideas;3. Creation and communication in an all-media environment;4. Innovative expression and communication of theme works and programs;5. Inheritance, promotion and transformation of excellent traditional culture;6. Observe the development of creation and communication from the technical dimension. And six hot issues for the detailed case analysis.Yan Wei also elaborated the main points of paper writing from four aspects: five kinds of problems, five kinds of consciousness, five kinds of relations and five kinds of research directions.In his opinion, emptiness, old, shallow, chaos and rough are the five typical problems in essay writing, and the consciousness of problem, reparation, innovation, demonstration and function should be the five consciousness that an author should have.The writer should also pay attention to the five relations in writing, such as theory and narration, point and surface, positive and negative, cold and hot, elegant and vulgar.It is necessary to understand the five research directions and writing requirements of content research, basic research, industrial research, communication research and case study.Yan Wei believes that research is a kind of accomplishment, and research should be treated like a work of art, from completion to perfection.

At last, Yan Wei answered questions from the audience.

(Zhao Yuping)