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Academic Events

Zhang Guotao, a researcher from Communication University of China, conducted academic exchange in the School of Literature through the Tencent conference client

On the afternoon of June 4, 2020, at the invitation of the Key discipline of Drama, Film and Television of the School of Arts, Zhang Guotao, a researcher and doctoral supervisor of Communication University of China, delivered an academic lecture entitled "Investigation of knowledge Production of Film and television in China" at the Tencent conference.The lecture was hosted by Professor Wang Hui, director of Drama, Film and television, also listened by teachers and graduate students.


In the lecture, Professor Zhang Guotao investigated the knowledge production of Chinese film and television subject from many aspects, such as realistic origin and background, knowledge system construction of film and television subject, knowledge production of film science, and knowledge production of radio and television art science.Firstly, he pointed out the importance and urgency of the knowledge system construction of Chinese film and television subject from the realistic background.Secondly, starting with the concept of knowledge, he discussed the construction of knowledge production and knowledge system of film and television subject.According to Zhang Guotao, from the knowledge production based on input in the 1980s to the local knowledge production in China from 1986 to 2000, it can be seen that: 1. The existing knowledge system of film discipline in China has been formed for a short time, and a lot of knowledge still needs to be tested in practice; 2.The core content of the current knowledge system is still the transplantation and digestion of western film knowledge system;3. The homegrown film-learning knowledge in China takes up a small proportion in the whole system.After that, Zhang Guotao analyzed the knowledge production of radio and television art, and through the investigation of the knowledge production system of film science and radio and film art, pointed out that its common characteristics are lack of localization, autonomy, system and structure, low effectiveness in the dissemination of Chinese stories, and need to strengthen the observation of film and television practice.Finally, Zhang Guotao also summarized several problems in the construction of knowledge system of film and television subject from the aspects of guiding ideology, basic concept, ethnic relations, history and current situation, problems and characteristics, as well as local and international factors.

The lecture by Professor Zhang Guotao was successfully concluded in the high praise of the teachers and students.

Zhao Yuping