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Academic Events

A lecture titled “Cosmopolitism, World Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature” delivered by Professor Wang Ning





On Sept. 5, 2017, Professor Wang Ning from Tsinghua University gave a lecture titled “Cosmopolitism, World Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature” in Lecture Hall 101 of the Electronic Teaching Building, Suiyuan Campus. Professor Chen Aimin chaired this lecture, which was attended by over 200 teachers and graduate students from Schools of Foreign Languages and Cultures, other schools of NNU, and other universities in Nanjing.

Professor Wang Ning is a foreign fellow of Academia Europaea, a Changjiang Scholar honored by Ministry of Education, Director of Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies Center at Tsinghua University, Dean of Institute of Arts and Humanities at Shanghai Jiaotong University. He also works for the National Social Sciences Fund as an evaluation expert in the Chinese Literature Section, and for Changjiang Scholars Program of Ministry of Education as an evaluation expert in the Literature and Arts Section.

Professor Wang Ning started with the concept and process of globalization, and moved onto the origin and revival of cosmopolitanism and world literature. With his own scholarship and Mo Yan’s winning of the Nobel Prize for literature as examples, he gave an in-depth discussion of the opportunity and strategy for Chinese scholarships in arts and humanities, and Chinese literature to gain global influence in the context of globalization, cosmopolitanism and world literature.

In the Q&A session, Professor Wang Ning answered questions concerning the translation of Chinese literature against a backdrop of globalization, and exchanged views with Professor Chen Aimin, Professor Xu Shiyan, Ph.D candidate Wang Yuqing and other students. The lecture lasted for over two hours, and inspired the attending teachers and students. After the lecture, many teachers and graduate students stayed for more discussions with Professor Wang.