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Academic Events

Academic Lecture “Constructive Effect of Discourse: Theory and Practice” Successfully Held

Prof. Miao Xingwei, Dean of School of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Beijing Normal University, was invited to give a lecture entitled “Constructive Effect of Discourse: Theory and Practice” at Nanjing Normal university. Prof. Yan Zhijun, Dean of School of Foreign Languages & Cultures, Nanjing Normal University, delivered a welcoming speech. Prof. Xin Bin hosted the lecture. The lecture hall was packed with postgraduate students and teachers. 
Prof. Miao firstly introduced the meaning of discourse in the Postmodern context: instead of passively reflecting the reality, language constructs the reality. The main task of Critical Discourse Analysis is to explain how discourse constructs the social reality. Then, Prof. Miao explained the meaning of “Critical”. Essentially, “Critical” is to explain the interrelation of different objects and bring about the progressive social change. At the same time, as for the dispelling of meaning, Prof. Miao held that it’s because fundamental social contradictions have changed into the contradictions between individuals since the post-industrial society. Prof. Miao also briefly introduced the origin of discourse construction theory and took the “constructed body” as an example to illustrate the discourse construction phenomenon in the daily life. Besides, Prof. Miao systematically introduced constructing objects and methods. Constructing objects include identity, relation, justice, righteousness, etc. Constructing methods include person system, transitivity system, text structure, etc. Finally, Prof. Miao concluded the lecture by construction effect of modern discourse. As for construction effect of reification, commodification, legitimization, stigmatization, and demonization, Prof. Miao explained them by vivid pictures and examples. During the lecture, the lecture hall was filled with cheerful voices.
At last, Prof. Xin Bin made a conclusion about the lecture. On the example of “Cigarette Warnings” given by Prof. Miao, Prof. Yang Jing and Prof. Xin Bin discussed humorously and academically. The academic lecture “Constructive Effect of Discourse: Theory and Practice” given by Prof. Miao achieved great success and gave us a new perspective on discourse analysis.