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Academic Events

Lecture 14 of “Cultural Signs and Asian Community” —Practice and Reflection on the Cause of Peace and Friendship in the Asian Community in the past 30 years

    On June 1st, 2020, the fourteenth lecture of the research project conducted by Professor Wang Yongxiang, deputy dean of School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, was successfully held online. The lecture given by Professor Lin Minjie, from Nanjing Normal University, began at 7 pm in the Tencent Conference, entitled “Practice and Reflection on the Cause of Peace and Friendship in the Asian Community in the past 30 years”, presided over by Professor Wang Yongxiang. Teachers, postgraduates and undergraduates from our school attended the lecture.

    Professor Lin Minjie is a professor at the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Nanjing Normal University, a doctoral supervisor, the Head of Japanese Department, and the First Distinguished Professor of Arts in Jiangsu Province. She has long been committed to the cause of peace and friendship between China and foreign countries. Her research interests include literature, sociolinguistics, pedagogy, Japanese society and culture, and Asian studies. Since returning to China in 2011, Professor Lin has presided over 7 national projects, 2 Ministry of Education projects and 2 international cooperation projects. She has published more than 60 papers in authoritative and core publications at home and abroad and more than 10 monographs. Professor Lin has won several prizes such as the Advanced Individual of Returned Overseas Chinese and the International Academic and Cultural Award.




    In the lecture, Professor Lin introduced respectively the Association of Southeast Asian Cultural Friendship, the International Society of Asian Communities, the Institute of East Asian Communities, the Small Group, the Asian Consortium and “Asian Culture Research”. Professor Lin introduced the aims, founders and activities of these groups through photos. At the same time, Professor Lin reviewed the cause of peace and friendship in the Asian Community, which she had participated in for nearly three decades, and briefed the audience on the meetings she had attended and organized. Finally, Professor Lin pondered on these peaceful and friendly causes, and called on us to establish a sense of community with a shared future for mankind and devote ourselves to the cause of Sino-foreign cooperation and development. In the context of globalization, we should take the whole world in view, absorb the advanced concept of “community with a shared future for mankind”, enrich and expand the connotation of cultivating the values of foreign language students in universities.




    At the end of the lecture, Prof. Wang summarized the lecture, through which teachers and students are deeply inspired. In the increasingly complex and severe world public opinion, only the comprehensive foreign language talents with correct values can spread the excellent Chinese culture, display the image of China and realize the real dialogue on the international stage.                             (Li Mengjiao)