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Academic Events

Lecture Given by Professor Shi Yuzhi from National University of Singapore

Lecture Given by Professor Shi Yuzhi from National University of SingaporeOn December 26th 2019Professor Shi Yuzhi from National University of Singapore, gave a lecture entitled “The Inspirations of Complexity System Theory on Linguistics” hosted by professor Zhang Hui to the students and teachers of School of international Studies.


In the two-hour lecture, professor Shi introduced his research findings. First, he compared the complex system theory in linguistics to that in nature and human society, then he gave a definition of complex system theory and introduced its characteristics. Also, Professor Shi pointed out that all the complexity systems are conditioned with these three properties: (a) The systems must be opened and constantly exchange information or energy with other systems; (b) The systems must be governed by rules; (c) There must be asymmetries within elements in the systems. At last, professor Shi concluded the challenges of this philosophical thought on the current linguistic theories as well as the inspirations on the future linguistic studies


At last, the students and teachers had a heated discussion on the “Complexity System Theory” mentioned in the lecture. Prof. Shi answered all the questions raised by the audience with details. This lecture enlightened the students and teachers in our university.