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Academic Events

Lecture series for the 114th Anniversary of NJNU: The Third Lecture by Prof. Jin Li from Beijing Foreign Studies University

On the afternoon of October 24th, the lecture titled The Status Quo and Development of Foreign Language Disciplines was given by Prof. Jin Li, PhD supervisor of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU). Prof. Ni Chuanbin hosted the event, and nearly 280 faculty members, graduate students and PhD candidates attended the lecture in Audiovisual Building 101, a conference hall on Suiyuan Campus.

At the meeting, Prof. Zhang Jie, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, NJNU, first delivered a warm welcome speech whereby he briefly introduced Prof. Jin Li, her magnificent academic achievements and the significance of her lecture.

This lecture focused on the current state and future development of China’s foreign language disciplines, mainly in the four fields of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Foreign Literature, Translation and Regional Studies. The lecture ended with Prof. Jin answering the questions raised by the audience.