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Academic Events

Postgraduates Spring Extracurricular Events

“Join us in the warm spring breeze”—rich spring activities for postgraduates took place at Suiyuan campus, Nanjing Normal University on March 28.


The warm-up activity consisted of three interesting games. The first is called “chasing each other,” the loser had to chase up the winner. The second, a “60-second rush), required all the participants to put 30 cards in a particular order within 60s according to the numbers represented by the cards. The last one, “listening to stories and grabbing fingers,” demanded participants of quick reaction upon hearing the key words of stories.


After warm-up exercise, there were major games focusing on the building of teamwork spirit. Students said they had a marvelous time. These extracurricular activities not only stimulates individual potential and cultivates teamwork spirit, but also spices joy to campus life. (Edited and Translated by Yang Xin and Zhu Mingjun)