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Academic Events

Prof. Li Jianbo from University of International Relations Gave a Lecture in School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Nanjing Normal University

On the afternoon of Oct. 12, Prof. Li Jianbo from the University of International Relations gave a lecture on “Misunderstandings in the Researches of Foreign Languages” in the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures. Pro f. Yao Junwei presided over the lecture, and about 200 young teachers and graduate students attended the lecture.

In his lecture, Prof. Li Jianbo pointed out the existence of misunderstandings in the studies of foreign languages, such as confusion of one’s mother tongue and foreign languages, learning English mainly for making studies of English, and avoidance of translation practice. According to Prof. Li, we may take an alternative view of English other than that of the western perspective, and should turn the studies of English to studies of other topics by making use of English. Furthermore, more emphasis should be laid upon translated literature. Afterwards, Prof. Li analyzed misunderstandings in translation and literary criticism and pointed out effective approaches. In his opinion, it is necessary for us to reposition the studies of foreign literature and take a more practical attitude towards literature.




Prof. Yao Junwei made comments on the lecture, and thought that it was full of new and original ideas, and that Prof. Li shared with us his ideas about interdisciplinary studies, all of which are thought-provoking and illuminating to teachers and graduate students for their future studies.