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Academic Events

Prof. Ning Qi from Peking University Giving a Speech at NNU

On March 12th, 2018, Prof. Ning Qi from the School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Peking University (PKU) was invited to give a speech at the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures (SFLC), NNU Suiyuan Campus. Her talk was themed the qualities and feelings of foreign language scholars. 

Prof. Ning Qi first related her understanding of professional foreign language talents to the enhanced intelligence and globalization in the new era. Then she discussed the connotation of modern humanistic spirit by citing the diversified and people-oriented development of SFL, PKU. Finally Prof. Ning shared her opinion on how to cultivate the qualities of a foreign language scholar from three aspects –humanistic thinking, cultivation of habits and global innovation. After her talk, Prof. Ning actively interacted with the teachers and students.

The lecture was chaired by Prof. Zhang Jie, the former dean of SFLC, NNU, with the attendees of over 200 teachers and graduate students.

                                                                                                                            (Edited by Li Qidi and Zou Qingyi)