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Academic Events

Professor Shu Dingfang's Lecture: The cognitive basis of metaphor and metaphor: the prospective of children's language learning

        Professor Shu dingfang's lecture was successfully held in the report hall of Building No. 700, Suiyuan Campus of Nanjing Normal University (NNU) from 13:30 to 15:30 on March 25, 2021. It was anchored by Professor Yongxiang Wang, Dean of School of Languages and Cultures, and Professor Hui Zhang. The lecture was entitled ‘The cognitive basis of metaphor and metaphor: the prospective of children's language learning’. Teachers and graduate students of NNU and from other universities and colleges attended the lecture.


        Shu Dingfang, Professor of cognitive linguistics and foreign language teaching, chief expert of Shanghai English Education and Teaching Research Base, editor-in-chief of Journal of Foreign Languages, Head of China Cognitive Linguistics Association, secretary-general of the National Association of Foreign Language Journals, is on the editorial boards of international journals including Cognitive Linguistics, and a standing member of International Cognitive Linguistics Association(2015-2017).


        Drawing on his own experience in cultivating young students’ foreign language competence and introspection about multilingual language learning, Professor Shu introduced the linguistic representation and cognitive basis of metaphorical and metonymical thinking in the process of children's language learning. The lecture consists of three parts: different views of cognitive linguists on metaphor and metonymy, analysis of a longitudinal corpus of a child’s language development, conceptual properties of metaphorical and metonymical expressions. Through the elaborate analysis of the data of the corpus, Professor Shu points out that metonymy is indeed more fundamental than metaphor in human conceptual system, and can better reflect the influence of human thinking on language, or vice versa.


        The scholars and graduates were greatly inspired by the lecture with regard to such aspects as selection of data, qualitative analysis, language acquisition and cognitive basis. After a multifaceted discussion, the lecture consummated with floods of applause.