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Academic Events

Professor Zheng Shujiu from Beijing Foreign Studies University Gave a Lecture on “Research on the Post-Boom Novels in Latin-America”

On October 17th, 2016, the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Nanjing Normal University invited Prof. Zheng Shujiu, president of the Association for the Studies on Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American Literature, president of the Association for the Research on the Teaching of Spanish and Portuguese, and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese of Beijing Foreign Studies University, to give a lecture of Research on the Post-Boom Novels in Latin-America to the students majoring in Spanish from our school.

The lecture given by Prof. Zheng was divided in three sections. First of all, he introduced the overall teaching situation of Spanish in our country, and gave positive encouragement to our teachers and students. Secondly, he elaborated on the representative post-boom writers in Latin-America and their works with vivid and abundant examples. Lastly, he shared with us his prolonged teaching and studying experience, hoping that the students could gain a better understanding of research approaches, and work hard in order to learn Spanish well.

After the lecture, Prof. Zheng had a face-to-face discussion with the students, and gave detailed explanation to questions about Spanish learning, the methods of literary studies and the experience of graduate studies. Such exchange of ideas and thoughts benefited both sides. Prof. Zheng gained the unanimous praise of all the teachers and students by virtue of his rigorousness in study and easy-going manner, and the students all looked forward to another opportunity for such a discussion with him.