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Academic Events

Teachers from the Russian Department of the SFLC visited Soochow University

On November 20, 2020, a teaching team from the Russian Department of the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures (SFLC), NNU, paid an academic trip to the School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of Soochow University (SCU). The team members included Prof. Guan Yue’e, head of the department, Prof. Xie Mingqi, Dr Zhang Xinwei, Dr Luan Xin and Dr Ye Lin. Teachers from two universities exchanged their opinions on hot topics including the first-class undergraduate program, curriculum, class planning, teacher performance assessment, undergraduate training, and New Humanities.


At the meeting, the deputy dean of SFL of SCU welcomed the teachers from SFLC of NNU and introduced their current development. The dean of their Russian Department, Prof Ji Xiaojun, the Distinguished Professor Zhu Jiangang, and the teachers attended the meeting. They had a lively discussion on the above topics. Prof. Guan Yue’e also introduced the situation of the Russian undergraduate program at NNU, including the proposal for first-class undergraduate majors, evaluation, and the building of professional teams.


The research activity enabled SFL of SCU to share a lot of valuable experience with our school about the better development of the Russian language programme. As a sister school, it provided constructive advice on our major program and improvement. In the end, the two universities look positively for future exchanges and cooperation in various ways. (Luan Xin)

(Translated and edited by Wang Huimin, Ye Qinxin and Wang Ruoqing)