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Academic Events

The First Lecture of ‘The Great Masters’

On March 21st, 2018, a lecture entitled ‘Sample MTI Project Report’ was given by Prof. Yang Jing from the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures (SFLC) at Suiyuan campus. Attendees were all the 2017 graduate students. This was the first episode of ‘The Great Masters’ lecture series.

Prof. Yang underlined the significance of reports from the perspective of a reviewer. He illustrated the differences between MTI project reports and the academic papers, highlighting the features of MTI.

First, Prof. Yang explained the rating rubrics. Then, he emphasized that the MTI project report should be based on individual translation practice. The students should treat each translation task seriously so as to obtain useful data and experience for project reports. 


In the end, Prof. Yang encouraged the students to make achievements by sharing the recent developments of their senior schoolmates. The attendees thought highly of this inspirational lecture, which provided insights into their future study and life. (Edited and translated by Zou Qingyi and Li Qidi)