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Academic Events

The International Exchange and Cooperation Between ESC RENNE and SFLC

On the afternoon of March 16, 2018, the new President of Rennes School of Business (ESC RENNES), Professor Thomas, paid a visit to the School of Foreign Language and Cultures (SFLC), NNU, on international academic exchange. The meeting was held at the Center for Nobel Laureates Studies of SFLC at Suiyuan Campus. Prof. Yan Zhijun, dean of SFLC, Prof. Tian Zhaoxia deputy dean of SFLC and Prof. Song Xuezhi from the French Department attended the meeting.


SFLC has maintained academic exchange and cooperation with ESC RENNES since 2015, mainly covering undergraduate programs. Up till now more than ten students have studied at ESC RENNES. At this meeting, both sides reflected on their past cooperation and explored the possibility of extending their cooperation. They looked forward to establishing a joint program for MTI students in the near future.


In recent years, SFLC has been strengthening the international exchange and cooperation of various kinds, seeking opportunities of international exchange for the dual foreign language undergraduates and MA students, as well as platforms for teachers. (Reported by Wu Xiaoming, Chen Li and He Hongru)