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Academic Events

The School of Foreign Languages and Cultures Successfully Held The Lecture on “Literature Text and Translation Process”

On the afternoon of March 17th, the lecture on the subject of Literature Text and Translation Process: The Collation and Study of Ge Haowen’s Translation Archives was held in the conference room in Suiyuan Campus. Professor Xu Shiyan, Director of the department of translation and interpretation, was invited to share her gains and experience in the translation process of literature text.

Professor Xu firstly recalled her experience at the Chinese Archives of Literary Translation in the University of Oklahoma as a visiting scholar. By studying dozens of letters about translation issues between Bi Feiyu and Ge Haowen & Lin Lijun, Professor Xu illustrated the importance of the interaction between the translator and the writer in the translation process of literature text, and inspired the audience to think about the translation process of literature text. In addition, as an editor of Chinese Arts&Letters, Professor Xu believed that in order for Chinese culture to the world and accepted by more people in the world, the exchange and cooperation between translators and writers were an essential part. Finally, Professor Xu answered questions from the graduate students.

Professor Yao Junwei, Director of the Foreign Language and Culture Institute, presided over the conference and made a conclusion. He said that Professor Xu’s study and analysis on the translation process of literature text could convey further insights into translation, and he wished that all present at the lecture use critical thinking methods in the future and enhance their own self-cultivation in translation study and practice. The editor-in-chief of Chinese Arts&Letters Yang Haocheng, together with members of the institute Yuan Xia and Yang Jing, also participated in the conversation and delivered speeches.   (Fan Yimian)