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Academic Events

The Yangtze River Delta Research Center for K-12 Foreign Language Education Launches I-L-ink Forum

On the afternoon of September 9, 2020, the Yangtze River Delta Research Center for K-12 Foreign Language Education successfully launched the I-L-ink Forum on Suiyuan Campus. The forum focuses on K-12 foreign language education and multilingual talent training. The Center is privileged to invite Prof Li Yuan from Zhejiang university, Senior editor Yue Yonghong, and Editor Ren Zhuoqun from Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press to the forum. Prof Li Yuan gave a speech on core literacy cultivation in foreign language teaching in the transition period. Her speech covered the top-level design and micro practice. Senior editor Yue Yonghong introduced the history and development of Multilingual Department of Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. She shared the rich resources and looked forward to cooperating with the attendees. Editor Ren Zhuoqun shared more detailed resources and information on how to compile textbooks for K-12 students. The speeches were all informative and enlightening. The forum, sponsored by the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, was well received.