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Fangfang Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
The Language Development of Children,Second Language Acquisition


Educational Background

PhD, Education,East China Normal University (2010)

MA, English Language and Literature, Nanjing Normal University(1996)

BA, English Language,Nanjing Normal University(1993)

Research Projects

  1. Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars of Department of international cooperation and communication, Ministry of Education:“A Study on the Influencing Factors of the Language Development of Chinese Children Aged Three to Six”(“3-6岁汉语儿童叙述语言发展影响因素研究”教育部留学回国人员科研基金) 2014-2017
  2. The State Scholarship Fund of China as a visiting scholar in the United States(获国家留学基金委赴美访问学者资助) 2011-2012
  3. National Social Science Fund:“The Study on the Narrative Development of Young Chinese Children Aged 3-5”(“3—5岁汉语儿童叙述语言发展研究”国家社会科学基金青年项目)2008-2014
  4. Taiwan Charity Fund for 2-month study at Department of Human Development and Family Studies of National Taiwan Normal University (台湾中华慈善基金会资助赴台湾师范大学人类发展与家庭学系研修两个月)2007.10-2007.12
  5. Nanjing Normal University Fund for Young Scholars: “On George Orwell’s Essay Writing” (“乔治•奥威尔散文创作研究“ 南京师范大学青年人文社会科学研究基金项目)2000-2003

Journal Articles

  1. The Implementation of the Communicative Approach in the English Classroom of Primary and Secondary School, Teaching and Administration, 2009. (“交际教学法在中小学实施不理想的原因剖析”《教学与管理》)
  2. On the Implications of Tacit Knowledge Theory for Children’s Language Development and Education, Early Childhood Education, 2007. (“默会知识论与儿童语言发展和教育”《幼儿教育》教科版358(2): 16-19)
  3. An Overview of Research on Children’s Narrative Competence, Early Childhood Education, 2006. (“儿童叙事能力研究综述”《幼儿教育》教科版334(6): 47-52)
  4. A Reinterpretation of the Hero Model in the The Red Badge of Courage, Foreign Literature Studies, 2005. (“《红色英勇勋章》中英雄典型弗莱明的心理解读”《外国文学研究》115(5): 128-132 AHCI)
  5. Impressionism in Stephen Crane’s Works, Journal of Nanjing Normal University, 2002. (“克莱恩作品中的印象主义”《南京师范大学学报》)


  1. A study of narrative development of young Chinese children with specific language impairment aged four to six years in the book Chinese Language Narration. Culture, cognition, and emotion, by McCabe, Allyssa and Chien-ju, Chang (eds.) John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2013.11
  2. The Paradise of Oxford English Stories, (Translation) Jiangsu Educational Publishing House,1998. (《牛津英语故事乐园》(1,3,11册)江苏教育出版社,牛津大学出版社)

Conference posters and presentation

  1. Presentation “A Study of Narrative Development of Young Chinese Children with Specific Language Impairment aged four to six years” at Symposium “Chinese Language Narration: Culture, Cognition and Culture” of IASCLE 2014 Conference in Amsterdam  2014.7
  2. Poster presentation “Is the use of evaluative devices an indicator of narrative      competence or an individual stylistic preference?” at the Child Language Seminar in Manchester, UK.  2013.6
  3. Poster presentation “Narrative Development of Young Chinese Children with Specific Language Impairment aged 4-6” at International Conference “Narrative, Literacy, Intervention”Paris, France  2012.9

Honors and Awards

  1. Distinguished Teacher in Nanjing Normal University  2010.9
  2. The Third Prize in Outstanding Teaching Achievements, Nanjing Normal University  2000.9


  • No. 122 Ninghai Road, Suiyuan Campus, School of Foreign Languages & Cultures Nanjing Normal University Nanjing, 210097 Jiangsu, China