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Fengming Zhou Lecturer

Research Interests: 
Applied Linguistics; Theories and Practice in Foreign Language

Educational Background

MA, Applied Linguistics, Nanjing Normal University (2005)

Journal Articles

  1. Tentative Exploration in the Teaching of College English Writing.  English Learning. 2000.10.(“大学英语写作教学初探”,《英语学习》,2000年第10期)
  2. Functions and Ways of Asking Questions in College English Classroom. English Tutoring Newspaper(Edition for College Teachers). 2002.24.(“大学英语课堂提问的作用与方式”,《英语辅导报(大学教师版)》,2002年第24期)
  3. Specialized Training in CET-6 Vocabulary. An Express Way to English(Edition for CET-6). 2002.03.(“CET-6”词汇题专项训练,《英语通(大学英语六级考试版)》,2002年第3期
  4. On the Tackling of Cultural Images in Translation. Journal of Hubei Radio and Television University. 2003.04.(“论文化意象在翻译中的处理”,《湖北广播电视大学学报》,2003年第4期)
  5. Research on Vocabulary Learning Strategies by Non-English Majors. Jiangsu Social Science. 2006.S1.(“非英语专业大学生词汇学习策略的研究”,《江苏社会科学》,2006年第S1期)
  6. Fluency or Accuracy: the dialectical thinking about “Error Correction” in English Teaching. Examination and Evaluation (Edition for English Teachers). 2007.08.(“流利抑或准确:英语教学‘纠错’的辩证思维”,《考试与评价(英语教师版)》,2007年第8期)