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Hongling Lv Professor

Research Interests: 
English Literature

Educational Background

PhD,  English Literature, EastChina Normal University (2003)

MA,  English Literature, Nanjing Normal University (1997)

BA,   English Literature, Nanjing Normal University, (1994)

Research Projects

  1. A Study of Contemporary Scottish Fiction(granted by the National Social Science Foundation of China, 2013-2016, Project Number: 13BWW045)
  2. A Re-interpretation of Canonicity in Virginia Woolf’s Writings(granted by the National Ministry of Education, 2009-2012, Project Number: 09YJC752014)
  3. A Study of Virginia Woolf’s Writings(granted by Jiangsu Provincial Government, 2008-2011, Project Number: 08WWC005)

Journal Articles

  1. “Cohesion and Loss: The Scottish Workers’ Faith in Community in Docherty .” Foreign Languages Research 1(2016):96-100.
  2. “On the Factors for the Development of Scottish Novel.” Foreign Literature Studies 3( 2015):126-134.
  3. “The Scottish Renaissance & the Variousness of Scottish Novels.” Contemporary Foreign Literature 4(2014):91-97.
  4. “Emotion and Truth: A Preliminary Comparsion of Chinese and Western Literature.” Social and Cultural Research 15(2014):4-14.
  5. “The Double Logic of Domination: Nature and Colonization in The Voyage Out.”Foreign Languages and Their Teaching 2(2013):81-84.
  6. “Between the Acts and Woolf’s Thinking about Aesthetic Reception.” Foreign Literature Studies 3( 2009):89-95.
  7. “Poetic Spirit and Gender Performance: A Comparative Study of Woolf and Lin Shuhua.” Yilin 3(2008): 210-213.
  8. “On Virginia Woolf’s ‘Integrity’---between Reason and Emotion.” Foreign Literature Studies 3(2007):44-49.
  9. “I Don’t Mind Sex---On Jeanette Winterson.” Trends of Foreign Literature2( 2006): 14-16.
  10. “Lanark: A Life in Four Books and its Postmodern Structure of Time and Space.” Contemporary Foreign Literature 4(2006):44-49.


  1. An Re-interpretation of Canonicity in Virginia Woolf’s Writings,  China Peoples’ Press, 2013.
  2. Emotion and Reason: A Study of Virginia Woolf’s Conception of Women’s Writing, Nanjing Normal University Press, 2007.

Honors and Awards

  1.  “Academic Leader of Qin Lan Project of Jiangsu Province”, 2014.
  2. “Third Prize for Distinguished Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province”, 2014.
  3. Third Prize for Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangsu Colleges and Universities”, 2012.
  4. “One Hundred Excellent Scholars in Nanjing Normal University”,2012.
  5. “Second Prize for Excellent Research in Foreign Languages,Literature and Translation in Jiangsu from 1949-2009”, 2009.

Academic Title

  • Professor of English
  • General Secretary of Jiangsu Association of Foreign Literature Studies
  • Director of Graduate Education in School of Foreign Languages and Cultures