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Jun Zhang Lecturer

Research Interests: 
English-Chinese translation, Comparative literature, Hebrew literature and Biblical literature

Educational Background

PhD, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Nankai University (2016)

MA, Foreign Linguistics and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (1997)

BA, Foreign Linguistics and Literature, Nanjing Normal University (1999)

Research Projects

  1. “The Relationship between the Hebrew Literature and the Literatures and Cultures in the Ancient Mediterranean Circle”
  2. “The Translation Project of The Cambridge Ancient World History and The New Cambridge Medieval History”, vol. 14 of The Cambridge Ancient World History, which is led by the Institute of World History in the China Academy of Social Sciences. (in print)Journal Articles
  3. Jun ZHANG, “Voices in PROVERBS — An Extraordinary Space”, in Biblical Literature Studies, Vol. 7, ed. by Gong Liang, Beijing: People’s Literature Publishing House, 2013, pp. 205-218.
  4. Jun ZHANG, “The Hebrew Wisdom Literature and the Wisdom Writing Tradition in Ancient Near East”, Tientsin: Journal of Nankai University (the edition of Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2013, pp.32-34.
  5. Jun ZHANG, “PROVERBS, Voices and Subject-Construction”, in Classic Interpretation and Literary and Cultural Studies, ed. by Nuo Wang, Xiamen: Xiameng University Press, 2013, pp. 46-57.